Thursday, February 22, 2007


in denali's lap,
a field of ripe blueberries -
th'old bear takes a breath

purple lights swirling -
heavens' light show pins our backs
to northern tundra

tokyo to new york,
her plane laid over 'n anch'rage -
that sun never set

tok junction campsite,
stuck at fork in road - okay
'til 'bout september

anchorage harbor -
sunset turns into sunrise
slowly, in silence

ninilchik harbor -
onion dome reaches for moon,
salmon boat docks full

near tok, ancient saab -
vermont tags, loaded down with
alcan gravel dust

fairbanks mission soup,
still warm as days get shorter -
stay for the oil boom?

sitka cann’ry tale –
mind-numbing season ‘f fish heads,
money t’burn on drink

down'n tok he'll decide,
hitch t'th'forty-eight for winter,
or cut back t'kenai

since th'night th'grateful dead
came t'anch'rage, endless darkness,
pale lights've been his stage

new year’s eve, and th’moose
crashes palmer man’s party –
quits drinking for good

wolf moon, bering sea -
from th'airplane, earth's ghostly face -
tea, while others sleep

d'nali train has t'stop -
man, dog, long trek t'their cabin
by dark 'n' snowed-in trail

cold, rain, fog - juneau's
best valentine flowers, but
she misses texas

otherworldly robe,
feet on fresh-turned earth - kenai
sun on old b'liever

sitka fishing boat
saved those deer from certain death -
frigid march waters

fairbanks library –
she tells about her dogs, ‘n’ why it’s
all about winning

changed her life th’first time
she saw them pull th’sled – on th’map,
traces th’iditarod

in willow, th’mushers,
off t’skwarentna and yentna –
th’blizzard clouds th’vision

single ptarmigan,
a stunted spruce, a spring cover -
freeze-dried blueberries

eight straight days of rain,
not a road out of the place -
juneau in april

'n tolkeetna cabin,
she's so far from home, but here's
'r field 'f forget-me-nots

dreamed 'v northern lights f'years,
one week they came up t'fairbanks,
'n'june rains settled in

near prince william sound,
week in an alpine meadow -
devil's clubs talk back


Friday, February 02, 2007


baked out wash near why,

still asleep, th'cool hours 'f morning -

th'rattler disapproves

sky harbor pilot

scorns hazy summers, but loves

t'lift right up out 'f them

window rock on fourth -
this ain't ar'zona, he says,
but sure is th'u.s.

sixty six motel -
gideon's cool, but kingman's walks
egg-fry hot by nine

somewhere outside why
desert summer stillness asks -
always traveling?

car breaks down 'n oracle,

kid's sure it's sign of god - hiker's

back on dusty road

like geronimo -
hides in apache cave, scorns
air conditioning

oatman's wild burros
bob for apples - ghost tale of
some irish miner

bisbee schoolteacher explains

nat'ral confusion

two vets, red poppies,

phoenix walmart parking lot -

a little conflict

philly - l.a. hitch,
jalapeno grits 'n' stuffing -
mesa hol'day grace

balloon santa, propped
up on phoenix lawn, inches
from prickly cactus

tucson saguaros,
twinkling stars greet the new year,
guard pass through mountains

snow on strip pinon -
canyon's fresh blanket shelters
from mormon country

played th’clubs around flag,

she says, mitten on her tears –

she, too, does his songs

navajo blankets,
ride, from gap to snowed-in flag,
remain unfinished

tonopah exit -

even the desert winters

strike him as extreme

cactus garden brims
with exotic blossoms in
phoenix midday sun

saguaros stand guard -
joy of desert chicory,
escape from tucson

phoenix traffic - swath
of mexican gold poppies
don't mind the diesel

tucson beer garden –

she left him here ‘n th’blooming yuccas,

he still plays th’beeswing song

sunrise, from small tent
wide, pastel, ancient landscape -
easter, hermit's rest

ajo lass – th’blooming

cycle ‘f th’organ pipe cactus

‘s one thing she knows well

sonoran peoples,
th’topic ‘f h’r books – tucson folkfest,
th’present attraction

slight may rain, th’red blooms

of th’ocotillo on ten

sudden change of mood

serious saguaros’

flow’rs hold out in th’sonora heat –
and th’town’s called carefree