Saturday, July 09, 2005



nashville coffeehouse
music's cheap - play outside, and
hope big boys walk by

fresh round bales of hay -
we talk van gogh, monet, sartre
right into memphis

visage of buddha
gravestone in a blount weed patch
eighteen sixty four

pigeon forge tourists
van with air-con, dvd
old dolly movies

two weeks in the woods,
then, ducktown piggly-wiggly -
rafters count their change

chattanooga yard
promise - i'll head out west, where
pollen don't choke you

under highway bridge
sleeping bag against concrete
fall rain, nashville fade

obed valley fog,
river's gurgle, leaves afire -
she wants to settle

clinch mountain hollow
dead leaves an extra blanket
cabin's wood smoke drifts 

hundreds 'f homebirths on, 
at the farm on christmas, she marks 
her own arrival

on past whitehaven,
glazed roads make it hard to stop -
glance back at graceland

turning toward tazewell,
wood smoke 'n' fog, apparition
an old cadillac

vale of wild ginseng,
southern part of clinch mountain -
strong tea when it blooms

from birds point levee
river's crest is relentless
bound for mud island

at forty eight feet
forked deer, wolf, loosahatchie
are backed up, he says

liv'n in school buses, 
droppin' acid - still couldn't b'lieve 
this tennessee spring 

silence, campfire, tea,
heron lands on the obed -
easter app'rition

city's modesty -
tennessee's tributaries'
fog shrouds its dogwoods


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