Friday, September 23, 2005



bitteroot valley
elk stop for aspen breakfast -
tenuous balance

choteau fourth - one view

'f th'events of little bighorn

upsets th'local girl

trout bucket spills, fish

flail in pickup bed, locusts

screech - road to bozeman

small tent in glacier,
food hung in tree, sounds of woods -
she hears bears all night

glacier campsite bear –

they invited her t’dinner,

she had other plans

uphill, th'wide prairie -

cyclist on two says he's got

new view of 'big sky'


surprise creek baseball -
game with no fences, challenge
to contain oneself

by day, pedals th’mountain cliffs
by night, campfire tales

th’roads‘re narrow, th’cliffs‘re steep –
cycling th’sun highway, she says,
th’high point of her life

husband’s ‘n stocks ‘n’ bonds,
she says, ‘bout t’ride th’sun road cliffs,
he studies risk ‘t home


thunder, august squalls,
trucker grinding ev'ry gear-
coming out of butte

bear crosses road to
m'ssoula, back into sumac -
and not to college

rains in kalispell -
leaves blown down past camper where
hunters are huddled

cabin at foot of
elevation mountain - watch
orion stand tall

rancher eyes raven,
wolf tracks in snow - there's trouble
in the bitteroot

billings policeman
knows when blizzard's expected
and who'll be stranded

ranchers here'n cam'ron
have trouble getting calves through
winter without wolves

gears shift, trucks rumble,
orion pokes fire embers -
butte cloverleaf fades...

field of camas waves -
four dogs, three hikers, old truck,
winds through lolo pass

river ice breaks up,

fishin's good, but he dries out

in a bozeman jail

from th'top 'f th'boxcar, th'mountain springs,

watch out for th'tunnel!

eureka teller
smiles at loonies and toonies -
spring's come down th'rockies



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