Thursday, July 07, 2005



best summer harvest,
irish coffee - from mountain,
sparkle of salt lake

she’s come thousands ‘f miles
wants t’feel th’rainbow drum circle
near th’caves ‘f enterprise

ranger’s suspicion for th’rainbow
she gives him a kiss

th’rainbow hugs, th’campfire,
th’welcome home – it’s good f’r th’spirit,
th’cool air ‘f th’ent’rprise caves

from blistering heat
enterprise reservoir caves
offer dusty nap

well off beaten path
u turn in heber city
summer sunday shot

train cuts salt lake, stops -

one side green, one red, bugs'n both,

oh f'r a drop 'f water!

using map to roll
one, seed falls out north salt lake
in hot sand - wasted

hope rests on promise -
summer back on mountain land
across the jordan

bank clerk's perfect world
threatened by august rattler
outside orderville

harvest moon, nephi
exit's silence - a small town's
feelings, unrevealed

zion painted red,
autumn colors mixed and changed
on desert canvas

red rock cliffs, fall sky -
eight wives, forty six children,
short creek family

frost on zion's rock
window - camper's worst nightmare,
l.a. cop's doughnut

at sawtooth campsite
poke fire with orion,
million stars witness

motor home, salt lake
evening rush hour - how she dreads
th'desert in winter

hiker wants to know why they've got

those names in th'mountain

east across salt (11-14)flats,
some frozen town, stopped f'r coffee,
couldn't find any

saint george guy's complaint:
new year goes on forever,
all th' women taken

mem'ries of topaz,
red cliffs - wartime pains undulled
even at new year

a sip of mad dog -
bottle waits in flowers of
brigham young's garden



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