Saturday, October 08, 2005


stop and go traffic -
storrow drivers' distractions,
sunbathers on charles

ten rides 'n' a hike t'get out here,

much easier t'get back

two kids 'n th'laundromat -

guess wellfleet's got noth'n for 'em,

their laughter fills th'night

waiting for the ship -

these minutes, says th'girl, th'best in

th'whole vineyard summer

on harvard line man
wears sandals, leisure suit, gets
off at central square

at harvard, th'students

so frugal 'n' clever, th'autumn

night, beating th'pinball

gravestones 'f th'puritans

acorns 'n his knees, he stops t'read'm
on his way t'th'commons

killed women and kids
in 'nam, so comm ave peaceniks
could wear nixon masks

old bak'ry's nutmeg -
wild-eyed woman, glad it's not
the salem of yore

symph'ny road trumpets
introduce an october
of fenway's silence

old whalers' stories
served up in new bedford bar -
dead leaves, open door

p-town curios
in dusty case - outside, sea
and snow from three sides

south station rehab
rent stub lost in christmas bills -
bitter wind from docks

revere beach boardwalk -
cold angry sea brings new year,
plover finds th'french fry

tex'n scorns th'tiny states,

th'world'll spread out soon

these little states gone -
icy nashua in mirror -
before you realize

mass pike hitchhiker -
lights on frozen fields are not
just coincidence

andrew square traffic,
st. pat's party somewhere, miss
kid on ninety-three

revere beach ocean
breeze lifts spirit like a kite
but folks never leave

he sells his book of poetry,

she's read th'one before

mass pike pace quickens
inbound drivers' urgent plans -
trees bloom in city

thrown off crew f'r drinking,

now he spits off th'mass ave bridge


bright logan tarmac -
beyond, blossoms of city,
here, dull empty wait


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