Saturday, June 13, 2015


mango, pocketknife,
church lawn - litchfield knows he's not

blue sea ‘t lighthouse point
once again th’clouds have blocked th’sun,
‘n’ th’sand’s still cold to th’touch


providence ‘n’ worcester –
likes t’jump th’trains north out ‘f groton,
‘n’ stay off th’crowded roads

camping in th’pachaug
he welcomes th’rhododendron
from his southern days

steamy bridgeport morn –
short hitch t’ th’countryside, but first,
wake th’drunk in th’doorway

new haven fiddler –
loves th’city ‘n its outdoor life,
just outside its pull

grew up in groton
summers she’d watch subs ‘n th’harbor,
‘n’ guess what they would think

windows down ‘n’ westbound –
through danbury ‘n’ they feel th’yoke
‘f containment, lifted

lonely stretch of eight -
locusts' shrill protest, that he'd
walk to western mass

cross th’line at union,
look forward t’driving ‘n’ camping,
th’little states b’hind them

through hartford westbound,
switch drivers without stopping,
th’old rodeo trick

bridgeport exit weeds
‘n th’shadow of th’old mill, he sews
th’patches on his jeans

new canaan car wash
scrubs august earth off license,
constitution state!

hates th'insurance biz -
tavern on avon's main street,
lifts glass t'hopeless sox

tavern in avon
trag’dy of comic proportions
when th’sox’re on th’telly

up seven through kent
long day ‘f slow ‘n’ careful rides, but
he’ll find th’color line

leaves peak on th’merritt
problem with working wall street,
take th’job home with you

kettletown, southbury
th’ordered world can’t contain th’park’s
explosion ‘f color

th’cashier sells hope, at
th’meshantucket casino –
out here, th’leaves ‘re changing

th’deep blue ‘f shewville brook,
th’bright leaves – th’certain doom, she says,
something y’get used to

stonington exit
bed ‘f leaves ‘n’ acorns seems better
than th’steady take ‘f th’game

truckbed of pumpkins
old vet plans t’spend what he makes
‘t th’new haven bookstore

th’holy month, november
through th’connecticut woodlands,
t’take th’stepvan t’ th’ashram

serves tea ‘n th’old step van,
th’bridge, in fact, colder than th’road
he sees they’ve crossed th’thames

old mystic hiker,
pot of pine needle tea: first
melts with sunrise

tells ‘f old new england –
first frost on th’stone walls, th’two-lane
road t’cathedral pines

road t’cathedral pines
th’autumn morning fog’s set in,
‘n’ he tries t’feel his feet

just past danbury,
sunrise through valley's wood smoke -
a voice says: don't leave

groton trucker's horn,
celebrating pats' vict'ry -
rest stop clarion

leaves turn peacefully
but wall street and its culture -
just down the merritt

halfway down th’merritt,
he pulls over – th’leaves ablaze,
wall street but a dream


th’bright colors, now brown
again, th’junction ‘t torrington,
‘n’ th’purest of motives

pequot gamer says
lot less snow up here these days -
lot more rusted cars

first snow, danbury
th’town, so peaceful ‘n’ orderly,
but here’s th’westbound ramp

grew up in bridgeport
great tight end but took some hits,
convicted ‘f murder

th’leaves’ve changed ‘n new haven
th’tree on bishop, in th’pavement,
still gives him comfort

housatonic frost –
campfire against th’chill, burns th’times,
metro section first

light snow ‘n’ th’sounds ‘f th’ski lift –
works th’holidays ‘t powder ridge,
‘n’ always a bit down

hutch river to th’ryes –
getting one’s mind prepared
for the holidays


tiny town ‘f noank
th’harbor, ‘n’ th’reflection ‘f hundreds
‘f illuminaria

up on th’hutch river,
th’bug stops in th’blizzard – it’s warm,
th’guy’s a bit too nice

ice storm hits th’city –
whole town sells insurance, ‘n he’s
back ‘n asylum hill

asylum hill cook –
th’feast is f’r watching th’rose parade
‘n’ for forgetting th’past

asylum hill feast –
long as there’s food ‘n’ it’s cooking,
they c’n go watch th’rose bowl

mistletoe ‘n th’doorway –
asylum hill visitor
walks into th’countdown

speeding ‘n january
served seven years f’r extortion,
just filed f’r governor

signs for old mystic
even in th’worst of ice storms,
feels he’s being watched

danbury blizzard
‘n th’silver mirrors – this trucker’s
heading f’r th’tappan zee


road t’cathedral pines,
ice storm’s glazed th’stone walls – th’guy rails
‘bout homophobia

powder ridge ski lift
gears grind, heart heals painfully
eternal delays

tea served in step-van,
bridge freezes where ninety-five
crosses thames river

poet's glasses crack
'tween pack and icy road sign
at avon junction

housatonic woods
campfire crackles against chill
bitter march morning

choose to be patient,
sheep will move when weather breaks,
quaker hill back road

algonquin campfire
breakfast - the blackest coffee
to thaw the late freeze

u-conn hoops champ says
campus comes alive in march,
no town to speak of

from east philly t’storrs
impatient with th’old stone walls,
‘n’ th’spring that takes so long

told ‘bout th’free church ‘f space –
but it’s pentecost, f’r th’litchfield

sandy hook parents –
spring ‘n th’housatonic valley,
‘n’ th’most profound ‘f sadness

kinds ‘f mountain laurel
nipmuck, she says, has its own,
‘n’ then points out th’bullseye

shrewd eye ‘f th’nipmuck lass –
whole field of mountain laurel,
‘n’ she can find th’bullseye

e pluribus haiku


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