Saturday, July 02, 2005



state street panhandler
locusts and dogma, glow of
well-lit capitol

home run lifts humid
night curtain; fan throws popcorn -
brewers win 4-3

truck stop parking lot
oil spill rainbow reflection
eau claire august dream

polka hall band's stalled
accordion player's still
in dane beer garden

madison milkman's sure -

this night, back in sev'nty, those boys

blew up th'math building

baraboo diner
busboy stacks plates at halftime
proud to be cheesehead

madison cyclist –
changing trees th’background, tries t’see
th’car doors opening

roadside stand, deep sky -
homemade sign on balanced pile
of packer pumpkins

christ graces the walls -
spirit of vict'ry in toast,
packers pound the bears

centered on lambeau,

all that matters is sunday,

'n' th'likelihood 'f winning

loaf of bread, some wine
sheltered from season's first snow
french isle underpass

lambeau's seats, frozen -

she becomes jealous 'f players,

at least they can move

new glarus dance starts
early - snow, watch remind folks
of the old country

year's final complaint -
new glarus polka band starts
a few minutes late

whitefish bay champagne
romances dinner - outside,
wind comes in off lake

milwaukee lakeshore,
ice shines on deep blue water -
behind it, traffic

bitter m'waukee wind -
driftwood, bottles strewn about,
ice hardened by grit

two-mile blizzard trek
fingers frozen to gas can
then, moose junction sign

dark beer, glare of icy streets -
they know him too well

m'waukee road boxcar,
pewaukee spring breeze through doors -
fisherman, too, waits



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