Saturday, May 09, 2015


sunblock ‘n loose cotton,
plenty ‘f supplies – drive eight hours
‘thout leaving texas

water park culture –
hot again ‘n new braunfels, ‘n’ th’kid’s
thinking ‘bout houston

shakes th’coke bottle, throws
it and shoots it, likes t’hear th’pop –
june on th’trinity

silos ‘f wichita falls
stand alone – th’plants and th’people,
burned by th’prairie sun

west texas cotton
resistant t’heat ‘n’ drought like this
fix’n t’change people too

june on th’trinity
lives t’use th’gun on th’wildlife,
no reason not to

on th’ranch, th’fiddler learns,
willie’s like th’anthem – don’t take
lib’rties with th’music

hot ‘n’ dusty brownsville
like th’clerk, he’s more than aware
it’s almost the fourth

it’s all p’litical,
says th’coach of th’youth baseball league –
all want t’be th’rangers

saw th’transmountain ghost –
now, in th’valley, he’s afraid
‘f th’highway mirages

shade ‘f th’pecan tree – hear
th’rooster, watch th’tejano kids
jostle for th’front seat

san’tone cloverleaf –
east to west, th’wide hot nation,
north t’south, bit more ‘n that

me ‘n’ th’mennonite,
alone ‘n th’seminole d q –
off th’hot ‘n’ endless roads

brownsville flophouse shade
dusty border town respite
reading "on the road"

camper ‘n south dallas
‘ttacked by th’pack ‘f wild chihuahuas
not ‘fraid ‘f anything

prickly pear cactus
midland lass, perfectly nice
‘less you try t’touch her

came through wich'ta falls -
summer of endless prairie,
an apparition

twinkling juarez lights,
olvidamos las dias
and turn up th’air con

big truck, ‘normous wheels –
‘f fort worth, out th’window, won’t care,
at least they’ll hear him

summers ‘t th’water parks,
finally got th’job ‘t th’good one, ‘n he’s
moving t’new braunfels

across from juarez
monsoon water in river -
most o' year it's dry

ruins of tokio -
what's left of post office, shade
for mouse and hiker

a town they call post -
steps echo in its silence
and its august sun

near sierra blanca,
th’checkpoint – hat down ‘n th’morning sun,
this one’s for willie

rattlesnake fest’val
even here th’jalapenos,
so eas’ly given

labor day coffee
hundred-year sun finds pecos -
taste of chicory

across a broad lake,
six lanes west to grand prairie -
window stays open


got th’pan de campo
‘n’ th’water – corpus christi man’s
seen some hurricanes

holed up, second floor –
all of houston’s feral cats
seem t’be floating by

ten houston commute,
mosquito fries on windshield-
he never saw maine

landed in inchon,
survived a bitter war - but
hates texas summers

raised in port arthur,
held her like a tight swimsuit -
made her want to scream

juarez kids watch trucks
westbound out of el paso
hot sand, deep river

flower girl sings blues
but dusty pal is native
san antonian

in the alamo
history peeks from behind
racks of sunglasses

back roads to airport -
sun, dust, west texas summer,
highway cuts through bliss

west ‘f amarillo,
th’sun sets on th’cadillac fins –
grasses’ve changed color

outskirts of dallas -
city nightlife's lure; in th' west,
autumn tornados

th’lasses wear th’big mums,
go t’dairy queen after th’big game,
‘n’ can’t stop their giggling

corner 'f flint 'n'nineteenth,
old baseball, season's ending-
nine hundredth haiku

fall, high ‘n th’guadalupes
woke up t’find a bear sleeping
‘gainst her, outside th’tent

all night, hunter's moon,
stiff west wind, high plains, then, at
dawn, amarillo

crude taunts, they rock th’jones
at what point’s th’raucous party
an offensive foul?

stuffing with gravy
from th’great room, at th’back ‘f th’ranch, th’sounds
‘f th’cowboys’ goalline stand

cotton in th’roadside weeds
outside plains, he realizes
how much he’s drifted

oil drilling money,
nowhere t’go –it’s halloween, ‘n’ he’s
fly’n through sweetwater

drillers ‘n sweetwater,
lots ‘f money t’burn – outside th’bar,
th’young trick or treater

blouse caught on barbed wire -
it's cooled off toward livable,
b't her mind's on dallas

almost home, monarch!
let's rest, celebrate the breeze
on the guadalupe

child, sad and hungry,
eyes cookies on l'redo shrine
to th'angelitos

loves college football
all of life comes t’saturday,
a place he calls th’jones

light snow ‘t th’grassy knoll
all th’days seem th’same t’ th’hustler, stuck
‘n nineteen sixty three

turkey ‘n cerveza –
live ‘n both worlds, but look ‘t th’way they’ve
taken to th’cowboys

a deep-fried turkey,
parking lot family dinner -
cowboy stadium

ornament vendors –
laredo sisters’ secrets
are unknown to th’world

christmas ‘n laredo
th’air’s fresh ‘n’ warm, but th’lass still cries
‘t th’shrine ‘f th’angelitos

guy owns th’oil comp’ny –
new year, ‘n’ th’wife wants’m t’stop fracking
b’neath th’plano mansion


texas-shaped waffles –
new year sobriety checks ‘n nash,
‘n’ she needs more syrup

loop lifts at quaker,
geese call and circle their find -
unfrozen water

bag o' 'spresso beans -
plane circles over frigid
fields, lubbock recedes

austin red dirt band –
did just fine ‘n nashville, rather
be here all winter

cott'n in tumbleweed -
new t'plains winter, he brakes for
its rabbit-like jump

junction exit ramp –
mexico or th’frigid north?
th’gila looks for shade

ice on th’median –
‘round plainview, he realizes
how wide ‘n’ huge th’plains are

from bitter plains chill,
scrub bush his only shelter -
yellow house canyon

ten, ribbon wrapping
the west texas high country -
gift that needs a tree

el paso denny's -
juevos, 'n' new years' toast, to the
safe side 'v the river

short cut back t’dimmitt -
wife gave birth ‘n th’panhandle storm,
drifts, canyon t’naz’reth

riverwalk buskers –
fin’ly, th’cool breeze by th’river
but there’s no room t’walk

riverwalk buskers’
blankets ‘n’ sweaters against th’night –
not really that cold

near amarillo,
caddy's fins praise th'winter sun -
old truck's engine dies

just off paisano
huevos ‘n’ chorizos ‘n’ coffee
and th’cold wind from th’north

back roads near brownfield
eighty ‘n th’blizzard, ‘n’ startled by
th’normous tumbleweed

eight ball in the side -
abilene cowboy's warning:
stay 'way f'my val'n'tine

somewhere ‘n hill country,
psychedelic valentines
got th’mushrooms ‘n austin

knows th’javelina,
wild ‘n’ fierce, lives off th’baby sheep
she’s killed a bunch ‘f ‘em

hard life ‘f drugs ‘n’ music –
rockers curse th’prickly cactus
blooming on th’guad’lupe

dust storm ‘n th’panhandle,
th’road is straight, but can’t see th’lines,
‘n’ still a ways t’plainview

west texas, th’cacti
bloom – he still hears th’song from th’boat,
b-b-benny ‘n’ th’jets

it's spring - grassy knoll,
its conspiracy theories

huge ranch outside post
easter dinner, ‘njoying th’view,
sky turns, and it pours

‘cross houston on ten –
th’work world, th’traffic, th’refin’ries,
sun’s up, haiku day

base ‘f th’san jacinto
th’schoolkids pose, april morning,
‘n’ th’hist’ry itself, gone

easter, san antone
they’ve run out th’homeless, ‘n’ made it
a crime to feed them

wildflowers appear -
san marcos, one stop of hike,
boston to peru

port arthur plumber –
bluebonnets ‘n th’road to austin –
friend ‘f janis, he says

bluebonnets ‘n th’roadside
she’d mentioned friends like th’plumber,
stuck, ‘n’ he’d had t’agree

van breaks down ‘n sealy
it’s th’curse ‘f janis, says th’driver,
hiker’s back ‘n th’flowers

it's twisted, she says -
tornado hit th'n.t.s.
outside, a spring squall

they put texas down,
but never saw this field of
blooming bluebonnets

hard rains – west texas
wildflow’rs ‘re happy, but cotton
planters are anxious

migra's got th'dogs out -
guy takes blooming cactus tour
up toward guadaloupes

roadside bluebonnets
open morning, austin-bound

long road t’laredo
spring break he crosses th’border,
indulges with th’whores

goes with th'ABC,
hit lubbock this spring, had enough -
his dreams in a knot

red dirt bands ‘f austin
booked ‘n’ rowdy, clear through april,
still can’t pay their rent

musicians ‘f austin,
fest’val jams all night – ‘round noon,
th’world’s hottest b’rrito

on twenty, near baird,
pretty flower, growing ‘n th’rocks –
mexican buckeye


th’cartels have all th’drones,
says th’el paso gardener
th’wall won’t hurt them ‘t all

mexican buckeye,
wild ‘n’ free, ‘n th’rocks on ten, shade from
th’fear ‘f jail forever


bluebonnets ‘n th’alley –
he’s parked his loaded pickup
on his texas pride

bob wills festival
town ‘f turkey tries to contain
th’panhandle’s urge t’drink

kerrville campfire jam -
tune and tale from each corner,
soft glow of embers

kerrville campfire tale,
roads were wet, ‘n’ she went off one –
wet wood crackles ‘n’ th’fire

wanted th’kerrville hugs
so badly that time, she came
and left th’car running

at least when she died,
says the kerrville camper, she was
going someplace good

kerrville campfire tales –
texas’s taken its toll, but
they came ‘nother year

truck with th’lone star flag
flies by – they seem t’grow cotton
from th’flimsiest ‘f soil

flags along quaker,
reasons they died, long lost to
corner news vendors

grassy knoll hustler,
peddling th’brochures ‘n th’june showers
has his own theory

his hometown's called wink -
one june, followed sun west - 's friend
couldn't seem to leave

e pluribus haiku


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