Wednesday, October 12, 2005



acadia hiker,
stops to fish and swim, halfway
halifax t'd.c.

th'way she says "lobster," 
bath lifeguard knows where she's from,
in this case, out west

maine trucker, home f'r fourth -
grinding gears through town, needs t'share
the taste of moxie

last tourists have gone -
leaves litter bar harbor streets,
sea breeze brings a chill

monson's fifty miles,
fallen leaves cover the trail -
moose watches from bush

six shades of orange -
bricks, leaves, sunrise reflection,
banks 'f th'androscoggin

aroostok woodsman
understands apple-drunk moose
but not clearcutters

twelve steps into maine -
crunch of leaves fills woods for miles,
winter's silence looms

path to katahdin-
last leaves fallen, pack weightless
breath vapor vanished

an aroostok moose
eats apples this time of year
gets drunk and surly

close to katahdin,
through-hiker, basho in hand,
envisions fuji

single road snakes up
into quebec - monson store
closes for saints' day

warm pizza, old bug
icy saco road driveway,
vacationland tags

train station feeling -
in saco, downeaster,
bitter front stall out

frozen gravel pokes
tired feet, a salt-lined pack leans
on bath exit sign

'roostok cabin fire
's burned the same wood for eight months
no dent in the pile

woke up one june night,

small french town, st. johnvalley,

still not sure 'twas real

bath shipyard in june -
years to build and prepare it,
one day to embark


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