Friday, January 19, 2007


his back to traffic,
his sandals catch on asphalt -
wants out of denver

we live in rifle,
nothing funny about it -
happy fourth to ya

pueblo yards blazing,
minutes t'hours, waiting for train -
all t'stay off th'highway

aspen leaves shimmer,
soft afternoon light shines through -
delay denver life

asleep in the hay,
down mountain roads near aspen,
but th'truck loses wheel

hitchhiking against
traffic - estes park aspens
shimmer in the sun


djiboutian cabbie
wants clues - denver conventions,
summer mystery

just up the mountains,
red rocks, blue sky, sun - guitar
solo shimmers, sears

flatlanders in vail
all summer, filling their tanks -
trip home's all downhill

bear logo reflects
in downtown denver's windows -
woodsman's labor day

cafe on sixteenth-
painted piano, well-played -
only leaves respond

trinidad cowboy
in town to belt down a few
cuss out the broncos

pastries from dumpster,
fried acorns, creamers he'd swiped
back in evergreen

th'platte - souls' day refuge

from traffic and th'business world

of downtown denver

at lookout exit,
truckers warned - icy blizzard,
descent treacherous

likes boulder ‘n’ th’snow, but

th’”free tibet” bumper stickers

impress him the most

high above denver,
tunnels blocked by drifts, car stuck,
white noise, no defrost

san luis winters -
so hard, so long, they'd forgot
what candles were for

larimer diner
omelet's ham and cheese - warmth for
next mile-high blizzard

rancher from hugo,
larimer street club, march squall -
his eyes will adjust

ways outside steamboat,

mountain road, ‘n th’alpine daisies
th’mountain goat appears

limon boxcar door
slams on april fools' day joke
whole punchline, he missed

mem'ry, horizon
melt together in june sun
next town, dinosaur



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