Sunday, July 24, 2005

north carolina

road pastor's sermon -
locusts, moses, commandments -
rocky mount exit

what would buddha do
sticker stuck on duck beach van -
drifter peels it off

'bout back to lejeune,
after short leave over fourth,
but stopped for a drink

fly through hole in screen -
have post boxes here in Kyle?
"fahn thank you how're you?"

outside wilmington
girl explains to soldier, ways
of venus flytrap


rain pounds outer banks,
vacation becomes card game-
motel, belowdecks...

rolls a cigarette,
inhales humid blue feeling
of winston-salem

o'coker's brogue - she'll
tell tourists about blackbeard
n'hoi toide all summer

tourists 'v'all cleared out,
got this choppy sound t'ourselves -
okracoke ferry

rain pounds th’outer banks
winter ‘f impassable roads,
he’ll drink himself t’death

cape fear beachcomber -
knows where and when each ship sank,
many winters back

light snow dusts raleigh,
traffic slows to fearful crawl -
now hear my footsteps

"should stop trav'ling," she
says, "'n' settle down along th'shore..."
lent'n rains pound nag's head

waiting in franklin
march snow, a-t hikers pounce
on diner placemats

cold spring rain and fog
hide smokies from clingman's dome -
a hazy kingdom

gentle wind on beach,
uplifting sense of hist'ry -
kitty hawk in spring

charlotte waitress, spring

rains - if she'd meant th'four hikers,

she'd've said 'all of y'all'

creative spirit –
strength and renewal, may breeze,
lejeune welcome signs

came back down t'raleigh,
brought her a fresh bouquet of
her neighbor's dogwoods


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