Friday, October 07, 2005



quebec - l.a. run,
stranded in ypsi - huron's
fish seek shaded pools

corktown remod’ller –

practical vision

the all-star diner
cold sundae on a hot day
instead of dinner

she likes th’jazz fiddle –

‘minds her ‘f summers ‘n black bottom,

th’harlem of detroit

detroit parking lot -
monarch shows weary hiker
dance of the moment

lansing tailgater
shows odyssean journey
pointing to his hand

says 'tiger stadium'
twice - gives the old man chills, just
t'hear it 'n october

these days, much less 'fdetroit t'care,

much more of it t'burn

no work in car plants
so slowly leaves turn, fall on
foggy streets of flint

lion cornerback,
another torn ligament -
please pass th'damn gravy

fried trout, black coffee
cold bath in the mastinique
frost on a tree stump

saginaw drifter

came home for th'holidays, but
thinks there's work 'n texas

mackinac bridge wish -
more coins t'pay th'toll, melt th'ice, fill
these empty pockets

ruins of detroit -
a thin vaneer of ice cracks,
th'man grips th'shopping cart

ypsi musician
thawing out in diner - once
moved to hell and back

small lake huron town -
kid uses cold mangled thumb,
points out where he's from

'nother house burned down,
't's either meth, 'r stealing copper -
winter 'n towns like hell

frozen u.p. roads -
an old car's heating system,
a vast wilderness

wixom kid with skates

goes straight to th’rink after school,

dreaming of his wings

detroit's abandoned
cars, styrofoam coffee cups -
icy highway wind

old mission winery,
lake's lapping waves - haiku for
the cherry blossoms

they call it "a squared" -
chalk dust edges window panes,
willow buds outside

ann arbor t’austin,

temptation ‘f spring, or career

‘n abstract algebra?

th’gallup daisy, says we can’t
divide by zero 


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