Thursday, June 11, 2015


boca’s steamy ‘n june,
might want t’go t’th’beach – but no,
it’s all ‘bout th’clubs ‘t night


santa maria
so hot, even th’tourists’ve left –
‘t’s when she likes it best

he’ll take th’humid summers,
says th’quebecois in melbourne,
t’never have t’shovel

jupiter dune tracks,
lead out into ocean tides,
june's gentle blanket

on th’beach ‘f jupiter,
before th’summer heat sets in –
feel th’pull ‘f other worlds

jupiter’s dune grass
catches th’moon’s light –th’smooth black sea
stretches forever

old town sanibel -
on the fourth, they want th'real thing
and t'relax, finally

old town sanibel
his idea ‘f a pleasant fourth,
avoiding th’people

midnight, everglades
they stop for coffee, and t’wash
th’love bugs off th’windshield

love bugs on th’windshield –
th’feeling there’s crocs ‘n th’everglades,
but ‘t’s too hard t’see them

steals th’lawn flamingos,
but th’hurricane hit th’warehouse –
lost’m all that summer


th'rains pound marathon
you can’t mention climate change,
but this state’s on th’edge

steamy boca streets –
hard t’focus on th’partying,
hurr’cane’s just offshore

arrive at key west
to summer sunset dock dreamers -
kiss the earth, grateful

looked th’dolphin in th’eye –
sea world lass tells ‘bout th’summer
she made th’lifelong friend

anna maria's
wide, empty beach - got used to
calm august tempo

dockside at sunset,
their eyes meet - even key west
has a hunter's moon

gators' line held up -
three steaks and ten beers later,
thinks he's entitled

fiercely protective
‘f th’gatorsquarterback, now wants
th’three steaks, and th’waitress

gainesville linebacker
innocent ‘f all charges ‘f rape,
‘n’ at th’top of his game


he tweets ‘bout football,
‘n’ thousand more puerto ricans
move t’ th’four corridor

yom kippur - west palm
widow, sorry she brought him,
sad he had to leave

genuine r’pentence
west palm friends get th’lox, complain
‘bout th’shiksa waitress


solemn ‘t yom kippur
lox ‘n bagels ‘t th’west palm deli,
‘n’ true stories ‘f th’ocean

souls' day in boca -
in rhinestones and high heels,
got four clubs in mind

calls delray par’dise –
th’concepts ‘f turkey ‘n family
‘re really quite abstract

old ybor city,
trolley to cuban kitchen -
turkey, flan 'n' cigar

panhandle outlaws –
th’crimes were out west, but their path
brought’m here, out of th’cold

jax traffic nightmare,
black friday at th'malls - th'old man
heads back t'saint aug'stine

selling lots ‘f pain meds –
tampa pharm’cist’s just like th’rest,
saving up f’r th’hol’days

carols ‘t th’outlet mall –
raining hard ‘n ellenton, ‘n’ she
feels so far from home

flock of purple gallinules
celebrate the holidays

barefoot beach burglar
hid’n ‘n th’weeds t’get some hol’day loot -
all’gator got him

hotel, sebastian
with all th’hol’day business, they
don’t mind th’camper ‘n th’dunes

in disney line, kids
watch santa whisper t'mickey -
personnel issue

got friends in boca -
it's a good place to thaw out
when champagne goes flat

wakes up in boca
silk sheets, but she’s hid th’champagne,
th’husband rings th’buzzer

vengeful and violent –
waves crash on south beach, b’yond th’porch,
he turns on th’rose bowl

new years, south fed’ral
she’s got money, th’bad marriage,
he’s got th’pack ‘n’ th’fiddle

new year - what's left of
three bottles, and the same curb
hemingway sat on

drunker’n hemingway,
sits ‘t th’key west curbside, new year,
seeking his wisdom

on th’beach, sebastian
hotel guests’ve opened th’champagne
he’s slept through th’new year

glove rubs rounded glass,
she swears she'll never forget
the launch on this beach

tucked b’hind th’windswept dune,
th’old beachcomber lights th’smoke, ‘n’ says
he’d watch th’launch from here


midwinter ‘n tampa
arrested feeding th’homeless,
had t’pay all th’court fines

boca iguana –
temps fell to freezing, ‘n’ he fell
from th’palm tree in th’yard

miami t’boca
got too into th’drugs ‘n’ th’tourists
now she just takes stuff

homestead motor home,
new york blizzard on its screen -
no guilt or regret

maine to chile, but
luck, time stop in miami
for epiphany storm

almost got frostbite
twenty years ‘n tallahassee,
‘n’ he’d never seen snow

panhandle outlaws –
like th’warm winters ‘n’ th’cheap pain meds,
ain’t ‘fraid t’use their guns

spring break, clearwater
at th’edge, bull shark grabs th’tarpin,
nobody else sees

bull shark grabs th’tarpon -
clearwater beach, th’spring break kids
quite oblivious

motel near tampa
spring break kids make th’huge racket,
he’s scanning craigslist

la-dee-dah's nightlife,
a spring break destination,
weary bum's tangent

spring break, pens’cola
they’ve left behind th’cold country
‘n’ th’rigid sense ‘f morals

jupiter beach dunes -
starry march night reaches wide,
pulls gray ocean tides

crocs in th’everglades
driving t’boca, makes her plans
for her schoolchildren

tales ‘f th’dry tortugas,
march currents that don’t go straight –
they kiss th’key west docks

on key west, watch th’march
sun set on th’dry tortugas –
bad place t’get stranded

thirty-a traffic -
spring break, whole world comes t'visit,
sits out on th'highway

midnight ‘n marathon
th’road ‘n isle hold out against th’sea,
except in th’spring rains

cards in jupiter -
cigars, flask, hoops brackets, and
jacket just in case

th’young guys with th’hot cars,
night life lively’n’ exciting –
cards’re back ‘n jupiter

the girl, from jersey
to sea world this march - dolphin
looks her in the eye

looked th’dolphin in th’eye –
parents’d brought her t’sea world ‘n march,
changed her life f’rever

she got t’hug elsa
th’little girl’ll tell th’tale when she
gets back from spring break

up t'ten from the keys,
ready for the long hitch to th'coast
dawn with st. johns frogs

saint john’s river frogs,
pull ‘f wine b’fore th’long hike to th’coast –
listen t’their chorus

saint john’s river frogs –
he’s turned west t’go t’grand canyon,
‘n’ they chirp ‘n approval

hides ‘n th’bougainvillea
key west sparrow, hoping t’share
this crowded island

panhandle back roads –
fresh kudzu strangles his world,
wants t’get back on ten

west palm on tax day
just not raking in th’money
like mar a lago

gets all their names wrong,
but she loves all th’birds ‘n’ flowers
‘n wakodahatchee

drydocks th’boat ‘n key west,
says he’ll get th’cargo later –
off t’easter dinner

dominic'n easter -
she explains through tears why she's
still on concourse f

easter, concourse f
th’dominican lass finds folks who’re
close t’understanding

back t’calle ocho,
red beans ‘n’ rice, even ‘t easter
kind ‘f misses th’island

fear ‘f th’alligator –
keeps you from th’flor’da swamps, and,
th’scarlet hibiscus

biscayne boulevard
baby alligator’ll cross
right into th’traffic

it’s not hemp ‘n’ not sage,
says th’tampa lass ‘f th’blooming bush
better name’s th’chaste tree

builder frames his house,
tampa reaches to marshes -
scrub jay moves her nest

red ‘n’ yellow, th’blanket
fort myers lass ‘n’ th’gaillardia
out beyond her field

land o’ lakes, june rains
th’old guy tells of th’huge sinkhole
that swallowed his house



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