Tuesday, January 16, 2007


mango, pocketknife,
church lawn - litchfield knows he's not

lonely stretch of eight -
locusts' shrill protest, that he'd
walk to western mass

bridgeport exit weeds

‘n th’shadow of th’old mill, he sews

th’patches on his jeans

new canaan car wash
scrubs august earth off license,
constitution state!

hates th'insurance biz -

tavern on avon's main street,

lifts glass t'hopeless sox

th’cashier sells hope, at
th’meshantucket casino –
out here, th’leaves ‘re changing

th’deep blue ‘f shewville brook,
th’bright leaves – th’certain doom, she says,
something y’get used to

bed ‘f leaves ‘n’ acorns seems better
than th’steady take ‘f th’game

old mystic hiker,
pot of pine needle tea: first
melts with sunrise

just past danbury,
sunrise through valley's wood smoke -
a voice says: don't leave

groton trucker's horn,
celebrating pats' vict'ry -
rest stop clarion

leaves turn peacefully
but wall street and its culture -
just down the merritt

pequot gamer says
lot less snow up here these days -
lot more rusted cars

hutch river to th’ryes –

getting one’s mind prepared

for the holidays

asylum hill cook –
th’feast is f’r watching th’roseparade
‘n’ for forgetting th’past

powder ridge ski lift
gears grind, heart heals painfully
eternal delays

tea served in step-van,
bridge freezes where ninety-five
crosses thames river

poet's glasses crack
'tween pack and icy road sign
at avon junction

housatonic woods
campfire crackles against chill
bitter march morning

choose to be patient,
sheep will move when weather breaks,
quaker hill back road

algonquin campfire
breakfast - the blackest coffee
to thaw the late freeze

u-conn hoops champ says
campus comes alive in march,
no town to speak of



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