Wednesday, July 06, 2005



old yards, train hist'ry,
weeds and granite, fresh coffee -
white river junction

hiking in the greens,
she steps between bear and cub -
moment's grace prevails

small-town fourth parade,
a texan learns - vermont too
was once a country

fam'ly in bristol,
deep ponds on the new haven
cleanse her of judgment

farmer slows down, miffed
by august big city traffic -
streets of rutland

kingdom soil's rocky -
but those kids got something from
their back forty

stowe maid's illusions,
she says, like those ginkgo leaves -
lost 'm all in one day

through hiker in greens -
somehow stopped seeing colors
't thirty miles a day

climbs up into greens,
flees raked leaves, small town, old flame
for th'nomad's campfire

stowe ski holiday
interrupted - car off road,
flipped over on skis

wintered at stowe f'years,
didn't know how cold it was
'til his tire went flat

northeast kingdom roads
look alike, snow on signs, wound
up in canada...

fifty years milking
vermont cows - goes south one march
and has heart attack

fresh maple syrup,
she gives him rutland's finest -
in french, stammered praise

mud season farmer
asked if he knows which way to
Barre, says just "yes"

stopped in montpelier -

this dusty boxcar, refuge

from constant june rains

kingdom wanderer
crossed border by accident,
spent june explaining



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