Friday, June 12, 2015


grew up in glasgow
‘n th’cool shade ‘f th’park, she tries t’magine
any other world 

slaugher beach fam’ly –
mom reads, ‘n’ th’kid puts th’horseshoe crabs
into th’sand bucket

slaughter beach downpour –
yesterday’s sandcastle’s gone,
and th’fireworks‘re cancelled

th’horseshoe crabs survived,
thrown by th’slaughter beach tide, now
‘n th’moat ‘f th’kid’s sandcastle

tide ‘t fenwick island
th’lifeguard, when he’s bored, tries t’find
‘nother ‘f those fin whales

wood'n shoes, zwaanendael
again she sells th’bright red ones
that nobody wears

rehoboth lifeguard,
his attention diverted,
loses a moment

rehoboth sunset –
lifeguard tells ‘bout th’time he lost
th'few precious seconds

r.v.'s in dover -
ribs, beer, anticipation;
race day approaches

decked out motor homes,
finest ribs, lawn chairs ‘n’ th’telly –
back 'n dover for th’race

nascar champ buys th’shots –
second race ‘t dover’s his best,
‘n’ got th’pit crew with him

danger, speed, power –
after dover, th’racecar champ
buries his feet ‘n th’sand

slaughter beach - the child's
sandcastle saves th'horseshoe crabs
stranded by low tide

free t’go t’new jersey,
says th’new castle fisherman
four bucks t’come back home

th’seas crash ‘t zwaanendael
th’dutch lass lets th’tourists handle
th’wooden shoe trinkets

centreville meeting
graveyard - picnic with folks who
don't share my lifestyle

glasgow gardener
all th’good things about th’east coast,
don’t have t’pay taxes


shady streets ‘f glasgow
good life, ‘n’ almost no taxes,
feels like he’s arrived

dover nascar champ
logos bathed in vict'ry lights
speed, power, gold tooth

nascar driver, th’star
buys th’next round – to him, dover’s
th’center ‘f th’universe

peoples’ festival
she explains how ‘one luv’ fits
th’job with th’credit cards

down on th’christina,
reggae beats echo – she tells
‘bout credit mark’ting

wilmington, reggae,
ocean breeze – but she calls th’job
ethic’ly challenged

back from th’one love fest
reggae, ganja ‘n’ th’rest, and now,
wilmington traffic

diplomat's beemer
double parked in rehoboth -
summer's patience gone

high tide ‘t rehoboth
dry as it is ‘t th’harvest moon,
th’cold water slams th’shore

two ninety five bridge
traffic hums - in batt'ry park,
fall comes in with tide


hick’ries, ashes ‘n’ beech –
come t’winterthur f’r th’foliage
‘n’ so glad t’be alive(2-18)

centreville graveyard –
silence, bed ‘f leaves, intense dream,,
wakes t’face ‘nother day

restless commuter –
spends his life watching his breath,
at churchman’s crossings

nap ‘t churchmans crossings -
commuters ‘n’ trains come and go,
bed ‘f leaves envelops

outside zwaanendael,
leaves in wind - couple argues
about 'going dutch'

big night at the schwarz -
small town wears its pearls and heels,
first snow hits east coast

jealous of dupont
and his immaculate billiards,
winter t'hone his skills

dupont’s windows, washed
so well – how frozen, th’gardens,
how peaceful, th’billiards

drove through th’middle ‘f th’night
bit icy, th’truck was jackknifed
top ‘f th’memorial bridge

she works ‘t zwaanendael,
‘n’ she’s dutch – but only ‘n winter
does she feel it’s hers

chopped wood, blazing fire,
can of beans, bread, potatoes -
hardscrabble new year

countdown, hardscrabble
no limit, how hard it gets, or,

memorial bridge slows
t’a crawl – flor’da t’maine trip stops
as th’east coast counts down

epiph'ny tide at
rehoboth - bottle, note from
th'canary islands

dime off memorial -
frozen delaware's better
than that flyers' rink

ice ‘n brandywine creek
she’s mad enough t’push him in
tries not t’act on th’urge

eight ball, side pocket –
rememb’ring dupont’s billiards
when there’s frost on th’panes

des'lation, despair -
th'faces 'f bundled up commuters
at churchman's crossings

wilmington rest stop
tourist daydream - visit folks
tax refund goes to

wilmington rest stop –
th’man still seethes ‘bout th’credit cards,
‘n’ th’tax refund they stole

ocean of water
spring rains, and nothing to do
beth'ny's dry's ever

bethany complaint –
th’ocean pounds ‘n’ ‘t rains through easter,
no wine to be had


spring rains ‘n th’delmarva –
from th’plane, th’lass looks for her home,
‘n’ georgetown can’t be found

gets th’crabs f’r old times’ sake –
knows th’best ‘f delaware seafood
t’bring t’easter dinner

winterthur gardens -
her smile looks diff'rent, thousands
'f flowers behind her

rarely seen ‘n this world
th’lass as calm as she, ‘n th’flowers
‘f winterthur garden

delicate but strong –
fav’rite del’ware wildflow’rs, she
calls th’quaker ladies

th’glasgow lass blushes –
likes him, but he’s set his pack
‘n th’bed ‘f quaker ladies

come t’love her garden,
‘n’ th’glasgow lass, who favors th’ones
called th’quaker ladies

she works at nemours,
faithful t'dupont 'n' th'legacy -
when flow'rs bloom, she dreams

tulips ‘f zwaanendael
tells th’most savage ‘f histories
‘mong th’brightest ‘f flowers

first came f’r th’may race –
th’only hotel was down th’beach
th’next race, was still here


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