Sunday, May 03, 2015


past mad’son, opens up –
summer’s short, no point driving
any less than eighty

two lane t’stevens point
got so little good weather,
have t’go ‘t least eighty

beaches ‘f door county
wanted t’leave their stress in th’loop,
it followed them here

wore th’red badger tie
for th’swearing in ceremony
she made him th’nice cake

th’lasses ‘f viroqua
farmer’s market vegetables
been handled too much


apostle islands
how blue ‘n’ clean, th’august breezes,
one house against th’wind


asleep ‘n th’oshkosh park
fired ‘cause ‘f their rigid sense ‘f time,
‘n’ drank a bit too much

state street panhandler
locusts and dogma, glow of
well-lit capitol

knows th’soc’list labor
from th’soc’list workers – but sleeps
‘n th’grass, off state ‘n’ th’cap’tol

cheapest ‘n’ the meanest,
says th’milwaukee yard worker,
and th’slowest to pay

camping ‘t trempealeau
tale ‘f th’guy who claimed an island
‘n’ nobody noticed

home run lifts humid
night curtain; fan throws popcorn -
brewers win 4-3

boxcar full ‘f timbers
he hopes th’rails’ll hold ‘em steady
least through milwaukee

lake monona tale –
likes t’ride th’bike here weekends, not
worried ‘bout th’car doors

madison cyclist –
all week he fears th’open doors,
by th’lake, he can fly

truck stop parking lot
oil spill rainbow reflection
eau claire august dream

polka hall band's stalled
accordion player's still
in dane beer garden

madison milkman's sure -
this night, back in sev'nty, those boys
blew up th'math building

baraboo diner
busboy stacks plates at halftime
proud to be cheesehead

madison cyclist –
changing trees th’background, tries t’see
th’car doors opening

west coast t’kentucky,
stops t’camp in th’glade ‘f all colors
black river forest

joy ‘f th’wildest ‘f colors
‘n black river forest state park –
joy ‘f not having t’stay

leaves changing ‘n plattesville,
th’vet’s bitter – nam ‘bout killed him,
‘n’ no one seemed to care

roadside stand, deep sky -
homemade sign on balanced pile
of packer pumpkins

rosy cheeks, th’wholesome
country lifestyle – like t’buy all
‘f her packer pumpkins

packer pumpkin lass –
winsome smile, handpainted sign,
gets th’city folk t’stop

packer pumpkin stand –
th’lass tells of being rejected
f’r wearing th’wrong jersey

baraboo cheesehead –
three beers into th’football game,
‘n’ lost his perspective

maple leaf parade
all year she walks a straight line,
now she’s got an edge

lacrosse streets‘re littered
oktoberfest styrofoam
‘n’ th’logos make her sick

on vine street th’police
use their tools ‘f persuasion
her rage froths and spills

oktoberfest lass –
once you’ve had a few, no match
f’r th’lacrosse secur’ty

christ graces the walls -
spirit of vict'ry in toast,
packers pound the bears

centered on lambeau,
all that matters is sunday,
'n' th'likelihood 'f winning

loaf of bread, some wine
sheltered from season's first snow
french isle underpass

light snow near mad’son
th’old guy notes th’hiker’s freedom,
especially from th’law

dane exit, back in th’snow
th’guy says, mounties’re worse – his sons
blew up th’math building

lambeau's seats, frozen -
she becomes jealous 'f players,
at least they can move

frozen seats ‘f lambeau
husband eats enough t’stay warm,
she’s still cold, ev’n now

huge blizzard, foot ‘f snow –
lambeau’s faithful’s muffled yells,
packers have about won

grew up ‘n superior
all th’menfolk liked th’alcohol,
only thing ‘t didn’t freeze

finds th’seed ‘n his pocket,
winter day in th’lacrosse jail
teach th’kid a lesson

new glarus dance starts
early - snow, watch remind folks
of the old country

west t'th'river at yule
tells ‘bout th’wonders ‘f th’house on th’rock
he’d trade f’r a place t’stay

year's final complaint -
new glarus polka band starts
a few minutes late

manitowoc lads –
new year, drugs ‘n th’car – their mistake,
fell asleep downtown

whitefish bay champagne
romances dinner - outside,
wind comes in off lake

countdown ‘n whitefish bay
take th’keys from th’academic,
no time t’drive on ice

new glarus polka –
surprised they could have so much fun i
n th’bitter ice storm

madison lass’ tale –
has th’bot army f’r th’online wars,
‘n’ she sips her cocoa

milwaukee lakeshore,
ice shines on deep blue water -
behind it, traffic


m’waukee gets harder –
long lines ‘t th’employment center,
icy wind off th’lake

bitter m'waukee wind -
driftwood, bottles strewn about,
ice hardened by grit

two-mile blizzard trek
fingers frozen to gas can
then, moose junction sign

dark beer, glare of icy streets -
they know him too well

brewers opener
they’re drunk, ‘n’ th’way they yell th’insults
clear whose side they’re on

m'waukee road boxcar,
pewaukee spring breeze through doors -
fisherman, too, waits

beloit campus blooms
even knowledge, groomed ‘n’ weeded
says th’dorm secur’ty

spring at th’covered bridge –
wisconsin lass says they’re there
‘cause th’cows aren’t too bright

grant park day lilies
th’bum tells th’lass, there’s still beauty
even ‘n south m’waukee

new glarus polka –
accordion player’s got th’tunes,
spring rains wreck th’timing

badger ferry lass –
th’cold spring rains are pounding th’lake,
she’ll hold onto th’boy

fon du lac lass’ tale –
four years she rode th’el – one june
came up t’go rafting 

grant park day lilies
new t’milwaukee, but she hopes
t’bloom where she’s planted

docks ‘t manitowoc,
ludington looks good, ‘cross th’lake,
but th’spring rains’ll hit both

th’badger ferry’s stalled
in th’spring downpour – ‘fraid he’ll miss
th’lass on th’mich’gan side

e pluribus haiku


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