Friday, November 04, 2005


raised 'n americus -
fished th'wabash, he says, 'n'roamed all'f
tipp'canoe county

world's freshest melons,
posey county moon's shadow -
town called solitude

tales of snow dragon,
tibetans in bloomington -
monarch stops t'listen

dunes picnic sunburn
sharp pain of needing to be
back around the lake

to her, polk fireflies
elusive, like dad - to him,
too easy to catch

richmond - this town of
quaker seminarians -
cicadas' silence

autumn eve, th’wabash

long ago, they chose this spot

t’make their utopia

fog shrouds orange woods -
tales of flight and secrecy
passing through tell city

deep in the hoosier,
campground fire fades to pink ash -
tomorrow, winter

broadway's faded hues-
quilt of steelworkers' fam'lies,
memories' winter hearth

all 'f indy's left church,

have t'get ready f''r th'holidays -

bad time to hitchhike

terre haute diner's
muddy coffee - new year plans

at gary on-ramp
sun catches hard metal shiv
on icy shoulder

near on-ramp outside
of indianapolis -
snow falls on dog's grave

indiana pike
rest stop blizzard - she longs for
california sun

this state lived for hoops
but march hopes flickered and died
since he threw that chair

came here for the race -
a thousand miles to indy
certain spark and fire

world comes to indy
for speed, power, thrills - sun tries
t'set 'n its exit ramp


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