Saturday, September 10, 2005

new hampshire


june with th'presidents -

he's climbed them all twice

firecracker took his

finger - now he spends his fourths

fishing 'n th'merrimac

down from granite peak
crumbled white mountain king
whose reign has ended

in dartmouth green, old
prof expounds under bright trees,
squirrel hides acorns

leaves on keane roadsides
blow in wind of passing cars,
without their purpose

through-hikers in whites
meet by chance - town of berlin
can't contain their joy

first frost in the whites -
the trail laundry, stuffed in pack -
only maine ahead

through hiker in whites -
somehow stopped seeing colors
't thirty miles a day

seven pumpkins wide,
boxed in by granite - what's this
'live free or die' thing?

on four going west,
's used to portsmouth, but christmas
's back to mastigouche

north church through window,
eggnog clouds his mem'ry - doomed
to repeat hist'ry?

manchester cafe
wag, sees blizzard - 'moved here for
live free or die tags'

ways off th'franklin pierce -

old farmhouse, thirty acres

'f frozen, rocky earth

freezing rain and snow -
union leader's confident
turnout'll break record

lonely stretch of four -
snow on tongue, eyes glaze over
at andover sign

dartmouth scholar's tale -
verdant valley's flowers bloom,
plato collects dust

one moment 'n portsmouth -

around th'corner, and in th'sun,


u n h tassel -
relatives and friends toast her,
she yearns for the whites



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