Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Rhode Island

sailed from block island,
has no time f’r any ‘f th’rest, like
prudence and patience

cool breeze off th’ocean –
come all th’way out t’watch hill,
‘n’ just wants t’be alone


back ‘n olneyville square,
th’hot weiners – he’ll take his down

day like this, she came –
d’cided t’move when she saw th’sails
‘n naragansett bay

sea breeze – local kid
shows his fav’rite getaway,
purgatory chasm

heard ‘f prudence ‘n’ patience
th’sailor only knows th’islands
where money’s t’be made

block island sailboat
tacks in th’breeze – course, never had t’
worry ‘bout money

benefit kitchen –
scrubs th’pot, ‘n’ imagines th’sea breeze
someone’s enjoying

hot sand, gentle tide,
gulls’ slow arc – up burma road,
th’naval base traffic

narrow, twisted streets,
firecracker smell - he loses
naragansett breeze

mansion in th’green woods
somehow she’s scared of th’back yard,
hundred acre pond

matunuck beach sky –
‘fraid t’camp on hazard island,
could just wash out t’sea

ninety five exit
pebbles kicked into high weeds -
signs for providence

bridge ‘n east providence
th’summer sun sets, th’driver points
‘t gingerbread island

big house, wife and kids,
riding mower, restless heart
outside providence

moonstone beach lass’ tale –
hot sand, clear water, granite
th’opposite ‘f brown law school

started up ‘t brown law
t’family, friends, ‘n’ love int’rests,
says she’s too busy

th’frantic pace, stressful
new classes, she escapes, for
th’gentle fog on one

autumn fog on one
she lives ‘n th’world ‘f reason ‘n’ law, but
th’heart wants what it wants

limits ‘f reason ‘n’ law,
boundlessness ‘f love ‘n’ choice – first leaves
‘f th’trains ‘n providence yards


she’s gone back t’law school
he’ll go ninety-five t’eighty,
from downtown prov’dence

mem’ries ‘f moonstone beach
she turns on th’bedside lamp, ‘n’ tries
t’read ‘bout corp’rate law

cranston trucker’s tale –
hauled ten days straight t’get th’tickets
for th’patriots game

trains ‘n providence yards –
knows th’winds’re from th’north, but can’t ask
when th’southbound trains’ll start

from riverbank, leaf
goes to town with no regard -

naragansett bar
patrons want sox game, in spite
of irrelevance

hopeless sox ‘n th’telly,
bartender’s worldly, f’r one who’s
never left prov’dence

these harvests of corn
fed villages like this one
called quonochontaug

ambulance ‘t rush hour,
nerves frayed, red lights’re blinking -
autumn fog ‘n th’seekonk

ocean breeze, hist’ry,
politics – at touro street,
they hear the shofar

crossing the seekonk -
souls' day blizzard's slowed southbound
traffic to a crawl

providence airport –
election news loop, unwatched,
they’ve got it on th’phones

snow ‘t th’college street bridge
knows she’s th’world class artist, but
she’d never leave town

head'n for miami,
christmas in bahamas, but
stuck in pawtucket

a glass of champagne
to future in providence -
mistletoe's fragrance

egg nog ‘n’ th’urbanist –
providence café hears ‘bout
th’boswash corridor


foulest mouth ‘n prov’dence
epiph’ny, ‘n’ lectures ‘t th’bar ‘bout
th’hist’ry ‘f freedom ‘f speech

th’star buys on watch hill,
th’papparazzi converge –
how cold can it get?

watch hill papp’razzi –
they’ll freeze ‘n th’van ‘f they have to,
just t’get a good shot

rizdee (r.i.s.d.) coffee cures
frostbite - artistic flourish
graces tart's icing

blizzard ‘n benefit
th’patrons discuss art ‘n’ design,
he hopes t’wash dishes

rush hour, providence
long run down th’coast, but th’world stops
‘bove th’icy seekonk

prudence and patience -
islands guarding harbor floes,
old fashioned sisters

bowl of 'be mine' hearts -
trapped at desk, longs for escape
naragansett view

mount hope, providence
valentine wish - clear blue sky -
instead, cold hard rain

outside th’laundry, th’rain –
pawtucket lasses’ complaint,
egg hunt’s been cancelled

woonsocket waitress
with no love of dandelions
in wreath or as tip

pawtucket laundry –
th’lint drifts to th’open door, stops,
trapped by th’spring downpour

th’kids on touro street
ask th’four questions – he asks his
when he hears th’ships ‘t sea

requirements ‘f brown law
too busy t’worry about
th’ladybugs ‘n th’kitchen

spring on empire street
urban planner expounds on
th’boswash corridor

wide ‘n’ splashy, ‘n’ so pink –
just off th’road t’jerusalem,
th’beach plum blossom

sees th’beach plum blossom,
tells ‘bout th’wild sands ‘n’ th’distant past,
‘n th’road t’jerusalem

newport sailor's tale -
thrill, danger, wind, then the cup -
he pays for th' guinness

e pluribus haiku


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