Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New York

sunrise on champlain
ancient boat plies th’june waters,
time seems to have stopped

rusted lock hardware –
erie canal buff shows where
nature took over

past alb'ny, the woods'
cool lake - swim, fish, camp and sew
a patch in his jeans

cut west ‘t albany
thought ‘f stopping, but th’locusts spoke,
decided ‘gainst it

beneath th’raging falls,
th’kid holds tight t’mom’s knee, in awe
of th’power ‘f nature

n train baseball fan
knows ev’ry dominican
‘n’ all their statistics


stays under th’radar –
no phone, ‘n’ only th’food he’s grown,
goes way ‘round th’thruway

outside lake placid,
he and th’bear fish th’same river –
glad he left yonkers

adirondack woods –
uses th’times t’do his business,
th’bear stays down by th’creek

beach ‘t mattituck
so far from th’city, even
halfway back’s too far

south bronx vet’ran,
used to th’high threshold ‘f danger –
th’zoo gives him comfort

canal hist'ry buff,
rusted erie lock hardware,
flowering ragweed

thousand islands cove,
under locusts’ shrill protest,
someone does business

thousand islands cove,
where th’woods meet th’river, ‘n’ th’law’ll ask
what you’re waiting for

arrives in bethel
at th’campfire, an old timer
who got stuck in time

raised ‘n far rockaway –
when th’canyons ‘f midtown get t’her,
dad takes her sailing

soho loft vixen -
good life from summer art trade,
yen for open road

washington square chess
shark – th’und’rcover cop plays well,
always makes th’same m’stake

ad'rondack campfire -
metro section t'read, stock page
for th'woods, th'rest t'burn


likes t’post all th’pictures,
that spot ‘t th’falls, looks like you’ll jump
she gets lots of ‘likes’

through hiker ‘t th’hudson
th’ancient boat plies its waters,
for each, th’landmark bridge

squeegie people swarm
car at houston street red light -
say "hewston", pay more!

squeegie business thrives,
important that th’windshield’s clean –
houston street red light

houston street squeegie
people – th’fine art ‘f making cash
from wiping windshields

columbus circle
traffic’s tied up, mid-august
they’re mad about trump

bridal veil falls - its
water whiter than others' -
hits rocks just as hard

labor day, times square
hustling t’pay th’rent, not likely
t’go on holiday

pizza ‘n deposit
th’kid watches th’fam’ly bus’ness
instead ‘f th’football game

yankee stadium
jackhammers beyond left field
october's shattered?

civil war statue
ignored by midtown shoppers
gathers fallen leaves

sundown, east village,
constant noise, too much traffic -
and then, the shofar

falls customs agent -
wary eye on leaves in pack:
"welcome home, my friend"

falls customs agent –
th’quick look ‘t th’dead maple leaves ‘n th’pack,
th’reluctant welcome

albany exit –
first frost, ‘n’ th’feeling one should just
keep following th’sun

u n diplomat,
west end t’ th’bow’ry, can’t believe
how th’trees’ leaves’re changing

beneath brooklyn bridge,
immigrants shooting baskets -
fresh fall breeze from sea

neighbor of stonewall:
openly gay's not a crime -
steel-toed boots kick leaves

maid ‘f th’mist captain’s tale –
just saved th’lass who went over,
bout closed for th’season

knows th’rage ‘f th’niag’ra,
th’last of th’tourists – but saved th’one
who hadn’t planned t’live

at th’dock, th’mist on th’leaves
tells th’legend ‘f th’maid – th’lass he saved
looks like she’s seen her

th’leaves change ‘t rensselaer
deep ‘n th’scientific research,
‘n’ somehow lost th’focus

bedford stuyvesant
even on halloween, th’guy stares
like visitors’re rare

new york marathon
back ‘n th’hometown, ‘n’ th’way he wants them
to remember him

souls' day, tompkins park -
passionate warriors debate
what const'tutes a foul

souls’ day, tompkins park
fenced in hoops warriors rage ‘bout
th’foul called ‘traveling’

souls day, long island,
roads’re choked – likes t’ride t’rockaway
‘n’ watch all th’planes take off

throgsneck, november,
‘nother hiker gets in th’van –
going to peru

landed ‘n laguardia,
wants t’get out ‘f the cold – true,
no roads ‘n panama

turkey, bronx kitchen -
on the wall he sees jesus,
his competition

christmas tree farmer -
truck bed down to pine needles,
lured by soho's wares

bleecker street christmas
th’snow falls on th’vacancy signs,
th’lass blames amazon

love f’r mariachi,
n train t’ditmar – it’s th’hol’days,
give them a few bucks

deep beneath th’village,
th’hustler asks th’bellringer ‘f he’s
breeder or a clone

beach ‘t far rockaway
what’s left of last week’s blizzard,
‘n’ lots ‘f holiday flights

blizzard ‘t central park
th’skaters come from ‘round th’city,
‘n’ they plan t’enjoy it

times square ‘n th’holidays
even with th’hustle and th’noise,
softening ‘f th’spirit

n train incident -
somewhere in brooklyn, a man's
vanished at christmas

he loves t’hear th’accents,
keeps toasting th’new yearsoho
friend can’t abide it


times square, nothing t’do –
waiting for th’ball, ‘n’ what bugs him,
what’s app’s not working

throgsneck hitchhiker -
snow, baggage tag on worn pack,
going to peru

tonawanda drifts -
snowplow'rs smash into parked cars,
unable to see

drizzle mist frozen
on th'walk - she tries t'get good view
of th'bridal veil falls

solid ice up ‘t th’falls
already bit too easy
t’jump in up at th’top


confidence racket –
ice glazes wall street, ‘n’ he broods
on which way it’ll go

soho chocolate -
farm kid watches passersby,
feeling toes again

like th'ice 't goat island
we float canada 'r th'u.s. -
either way, might crash

th’gull rests on th’ice floe
soon t’reach goat island, then th’falls,
unlike me, quite calm

from th’truck, sees th’lady
‘n th’brooklyn freeway – it’s too cold
to open th’window

kensington commute –
fact that it just snowed two feet,
not such a big deal

central park skater -
as th'snowflake lands in her hair,
she hurries t'catch th'bus

tonawanda snow
plow driver tells ‘f th’sea of white
‘n’ cars crunching beneath

th’rainbow graces th’falls
pilot veers into the sun,
avoids ice on th’wings

coin off tappan zee -
icy hudson won't want it
st. christopher will

through th’window he shouts
‘t th’winter wind – maine t’kent, halfway
crossing th’tappan zee

deep b'neath grand central,
he curses th'bitter winter -

skater ‘n central park
grew up ‘n manhattan, ‘n’ her life’s
trying t’keep balance

has to go t’yonkers
t’deliver th’valentine, it’s
his first time “upstate”

ditmar news vendor –
th’biting chill of th’graveyard shift,
last ‘f th’ febr’ary sleet

grand central, th’march sun
through th’ceiling - on th’bench he sits
scrolling through tinder

falls customs agents
dismantling truck's wheel housing -
march sleet ices tires

ground zero, late march
th’city, even in th’grim cold
recreates itself

from th’subway, th’march fog,
union square, deckers building –
she swears she’s been here

at coney island,
th’march sun shines on th’broken glass,
th’dog’s shot out for th’beach

coney island ‘n march
th’dog jumps over th’broken glass
t’get over to th’beach

union gen'ral, in
sakura's cherry blossoms -
means less than you think

sakura park ‘n bloom –
th’sage tells th’tale ‘f th’gift ‘f cherry trees
that were lost at sea

statue ‘t sakura
even here, among th’cherries,
th’civil war’s in stone

washington square park
five bucks, th’flow’rs ‘n full bloom, th’spring breeze,
checkmates th’detective

diner near wall street
weeks ‘f trading, vision blurry,
th’spring rains soothe his eyes

cursing 'spring forward' -
long island commuter's lost
precious hour of sleep

steps on kerouac,
shuts pickup door against rome's
spring rains - this, his home

on train from quebec,
spring blooms fill hudson valley -
she catches his eye

cries ‘f joy ‘t th’tappan zee
hudson b’low, trouble behind
into th’april squall

chess master’s eyes roam
th’coneflow’rs ‘n washington square park,
th’shifting social scene


mad ‘t th’purple loose strife,
took over th’ithaca swamps –
but, it does kind ‘f shine

respectful distance –
dawn breaks ‘t th’schenectady ramp,
fireflies have long gone

stranded hiker waits,
at schenectady off ramp
june's songbirds note dawn

e pluribus haiku


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