Saturday, June 06, 2015


indiana dunes –
crackers, cheese, peanut butter,
th’stars over ch’cago

sleeping bag in th’weeds,
candle ‘gainst th’bush – in th’morning,
up t’chicago ‘n’ th’west

bridge ‘t new harmony
no need f’r th’town, fishing th’wabash
his kind ‘f utopia

tales ‘f john dillinger,
th’banks he robbed, th’people he knew –
sat ‘n this very bench


eel river’s gurgling –
th’kid spews his rage ‘t th’small town folk
who sleep through th’crickets

tales ‘f th’old stud’baker,
june nights, th’streets ‘f south bend – he shows
th’one in his garage

loudly curses th’town,
even th’eel river, th’night, th’heat
they’re th’reason he’s drunk

raised 'n americus -
fished th'wabash, he says, 'n'roamed all'f
tipp'canoe county

shiv on th’gary ramp –
even th’thought of prison life,
chills on th’hottest day


goshen flow’r garden
th’rest ‘f th’state falls into decay,
this house, so pretty

world's freshest melons,
posey county moon's shadow -
town called solitude


posey melon patch
she seems t’offer th’best ‘n’ th’sweetest
‘n th’whole wabash valley (6-17)

tales of snow dragon,
tibetans in bloomington -
monarch stops t'listen

dunes picnic sunburn
sharp pain of needing to be
back around the lake

to her, polk fireflies
elusive, like dad - to him,
too easy to catch

richmond - this town of
quaker seminarians -
cicadas' silence

autumn eve, th’wabash
long ago, they chose this spot
t’make their utopia

salem sawmill train,
in th’lumber, he finds th’lass –
she didn’t care f’r school

there’s kin who’ll take her –
wet lumber, wabash-bound train,
fog on th’scarecrow ‘n th’field

dad knows th’whole county –
jumps ‘n th’leaves near french lick, ‘n’ she’s gone –
she plans t’stay off th’roads

fog shrouds orange woods -
tales of flight and secrecy
passing through tell city

deep in the hoosier,
campground fire fades to pink ash -
tomorrow, winter

tell city graveyard –
th’brown woods held secrets, he says,
‘bout who’s free, ‘n’ who’s not

tell city graveyard –
snow dusts th’forest, names’re obscured
‘long with th’frontier lives

indy ramp feeling –
th’long cold hike from coast t’coast, it’s
only just begun

broadway's faded hues-
quilt of steelworkers' fam'lies,
memories' winter hearth

all 'f indy's left church,
have t'get ready f''r th'holidays -
bad time to hitchhike

terre haute diner's
muddy coffee - new year plans

at gary on-ramp
sun catches hard metal shiv
on icy shoulder

goshen buggy’s wheels
crack th’ice on gravel – th’young folks’
car wheels slide ‘n passing

near on-ramp outside
of indianapolis -
snow falls on dog's grave

snow on th’crumbling steps –
broadway, he says, once th’center
‘f diverse ‘n’ vibrant life

takes th’studebaker
t’downtown south bend in th’blizzard
reminds him ‘f old times

indiana pike
rest stop blizzard - she longs for
california sun

this state lived for hoops
but march hopes flickered and died
since he threw that chair


deep ‘n th’hoosier forest,
th’snake’s come out t’see what he c’n find –
been a long winter

hammond library –
safe from th’march rains, reads th’clippings
‘f dillinger’s exploits

bad coffee, ‘n’ th’acrid
smell ‘f farm chemicals – even
look forward t’terr’ haute

indy at rush hour –
th’peepers call out from th’lowlands,
ring-road folks’re busy

came here for the race -
a thousand miles to indy
certain spark and fire

world comes to indy
for speed, power, thrills - sun tries
t'set 'n its exit ramp

indy racer’s wife –
husband’s th’fastest driver ‘n th’world,
takes him f’rever t’shave

they come for speed ‘n’ glory
on th’indy loop exit ramp,
grasshopper tries t’cross

just off old nati’nal road,
wakes up ‘n a field ‘f queen anne’s lace
uncommon beauty

queen anne’s lace, dawn’s light –
god’s grace puts you ‘n th’place you’re in,
off old national road


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