Tuesday, June 09, 2015


cobalt sea, high tides –
‘f th’longest day would ever end,
you’d see th’million stars


ready for th’fireworks
three tours ‘n iraq, ‘n’ t’ th’hilo man,
sensitive subject

makaha surfer –
th’deepest ‘f summer tans, ‘n’ quite calm,
‘til th’kid steals his wave

currency broker –
fiscal year, ‘n’ th’dollar’s shaky,
waikiki, so calm

forbidden because
it’s risky – hard rains on th’fourth
in th’haiku valley

labor day - haiku
stairs guard takes our photograph;
in fog, a smile's lost

koi pond rest’ration –
big island tourists’ve seen him
work labor day too

chirping stilt protests
tenuous relationship
on pearl harbor beach

pounding 'f th'taro root,
while lava 'n' th'condos advance -
its echo fills th'valley

banyan tree ‘n front street
if costumes flaunt th’native ways,
then what ‘bout th’hiker?

rain pounds windward side,
haiku valley mission postponed -
saints day step van tea

urge to pray - during
volcano park ranger's tale,
r'members it's souls' day

volcano park tale –
souls’ day, it’s true, ‘n’ ev’ryone’s
standing on lava

vets' day, pahoa -
twelve hundred degree lava,
best to step aside

obsessed with th’tweetstorm –
even as th’turkey’s ready,
th’hilo lass checks th’phone

kailua tourist -
tells how aunt picked fights over
that turkey carcass

pacific sailor –
weeks ‘t sea, comes t’dock ‘t pearl harbor
on its special day

ev’ry december,
dreamed ‘f bombs ‘n’ death – never dreamed he’d
go back t’pearl harbor

chirping ‘t pearl harbor,
stilts on th’beach don’t know this day
ev’ryone else does

season of giving
makaha surfer’s touchy
about a good wave

still mad ‘t obama –
came t’th’islands f’r th’hol’days, never
wore th’aloha shirt


pounds ‘f fresh rambutans
‘bout full, when they heard th’alert,
this is not a drill

thirty eight minutes
th’sea’s blue, th’air’s warm, ‘n’ he’s on th’world’s
tiniest island

won’t watch th’super bowl
says ‘t kept th’mainland from seeing
elvis in hawaii

th’year elvis came t’town,
th’super bowl kept th’world away
‘n’ now no one’ll watch it

they met 'n oahu,
came over to th'big island -
winter crowds depressed'm

landing, we share dreams -
hers, more champagne, waikiki,
mine, the haiku steps

tycoon with th’model –
besides champagne ‘n’ th’twelve-hour flight,
nothing else ‘n common

pearl harbor tourist -
new year brings recognition
thirty years' nightmares

haiku valley fog
envelops a steep ladder -
balanced on new year

metal stairs unhinged,
haiku valley shrouded in fog –
nother year, ‘bout gone

broker ‘n waikiki
t’him, th’place is like a mistress,
kiss her at th’new year

broker, waikiki
th’infinite blue ‘f th’ocean,
epiphany ‘t th’ticker

big island sunset –
th’cobalt blue ‘f th’sea moves on, takes
th’epiph’ny with it

he likes th’kona storms
when there’s snow ‘n mauna kea,
he’ll go up t’see it

lanai petroglyphs –
they speak through th’ages, even
when th’kona winds blow

waits for th’kona storms
‘leven months ‘f perfect weather,
‘bout t’go out ‘f his mind

kona winds, hilo
little bad weather, in truth
makes him feel better

tale ‘t banyan tree square –
local tells ‘f th’winter th’whalers
stoned lahaina

tales ‘f lahaina
why th’whalers, so mad ‘t th’village,
threw stones ‘t th’banyan square

frigid small town vows
behind, waikiki ahead -
surf breaks and crashes

ocean's pearl sparkles
from mainland march, sun has strayed
temptress oahu!

makaha surfer
not much t’show f’r th’tax refund, but
by god that’s his wave

busy restaurant
loses bride's lu'au - groom's eyes
on duke in finals

chance visit t’ th’lava
spring break – found his true calling,
restoring koi ponds

th’hibiscus blooms red
th’park lass claims they were planted
for her majesty

a nisei’s loyalty,
she says, spraying th’hibiscus,
‘s always in question


nisei’s memory –
th’hibiscus gard’ner cries t’tell
‘bout th’hachimachi

lass, mem’ries of hachimachi –
most loyal to th’flow’rs

hibiscus gard'ner -
most nisei loyal, grandma
made hachimachi

hibiscus gard’ner,
‘n kapiolani, th’queen’s garden –
hard part’s hauling th’mulch

fresh hibiscus, right ear –
th’locals in honolulu
know just what it means


loyalty’s earned, says
th’kapiolani gard’ner –
hibiscus in ‘r ear

wears th’fresh hibiscus
maybe like th’sailor’s earring,
depends on which ear

easter rains - hilo
laundromat's dull dryer lint,
needle on old jeans

easter fog ‘n’ drizzle –
pu'u loa petroglyphs
still speak t’ th’visitor

deals in currencies –
even ‘n easter ‘n waikiki,
f’nancial obl’gations

pu’u loa
th’children, so happy school’s out,
try t’read th’petroglyphs


her majesty’s park
with grace ‘n’ care, she handles th’flow’rs,
th’hibiscus, in th’sun

fresh bird ‘f paradise
her purpose, t’honor her aunt
‘n th’valley of th’temples

feeling ‘f cobalt blue –
farthest point on th’big island,
solstice sunset t’ th’west

big island sunset -
cobalt sea t'blanket 'f june stars,
tide that pulls both ways

e pluribus haiku


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