Sunday, October 09, 2005



sailing chesapeake,
cabins' shutters closing
in sun's reflection

watched mortar explode
on 'nam hillside - now th'harbor
fireworks make him jump

assateague salt marsh -
trav'ler seeks respite from heat,
clapper rails still hunt

one night, mar’land trail,
through-hiker’s nightmare comes true –
whole nest ‘f copperheads

camden yards gambler -
decades of wins and losses
betting on the o's

harper's ferry, now

antietam - firefly, how much
hist'ry do you know?


smell of fresh crab cakes,
eye on harbor tourguides
and the pickpockets

woods near arundel,
unwraps rich cheese, loaf and jug
misses home, boulogne

or th'road t'denver - sets down th'pack,

and flips a quarter

saints' day - poe and ruth?
visionary museum's
here in the harbor

nanjemoy eagle
in talons a trout that saw
fall colors, last time


‘they should just get jobs,’

th’old man says, but ‘s christmastime


t'a crawl - maine t' georgia trip stops
as th'east coast counts down

epiphany feast
awaits, but traffic's backed up
since maryland house

between steel bridge and
harbor tunnel, truck jackknifed -
miles back, snow. tests brakes

icy glazed harbor,
late night at th'visionary -
crab cakes for breakfast

bal'more has drum gigs,
but's hard to pay the gas bill
'round 'bout febr'ary

sea breeze, spring morning -

th'ocean city bartender

jams door with driftwood

nanjemoy creek dawn -
egret hesitates, decides
to stay for summer


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