Saturday, August 11, 2007



fishing th'tombigbee,

his sultry prison 'f a town's

million miles away

kudzu chokes back road,
ominous warning posted:
go back to mobile

clanton tourists' tale -

came hundreds 'f miles in this heat

to pay our respects

good manners steeping,
iced tea, mint, lemon, sugar -
sweet heart of dixie

nice fiddle ya got
come up blount mount'n, he says - got
folks play all summer

trowbridge egg n' olive -
iced tea to cool the tongue, from
florence gossip's sting

fairhope maiden's wish -
her own front porch, summer read,
someone to talk to

old yankee hat on
rider, old 'bama clay in
truck, fall sky outside

'bama fans trashing
auburn streets - college prank, 'cept
they aren't in college

confederate flag,
united we stand sticker-
'bama football day

dothan laundromat -
young boy, inconsolable
saw santa drinking

road forks in mobile -
cut north to face family,
or winter on gulf

caden temple gift,
from shrimper's wife to buddha -
new year's storm hits gulf

eastbound at grand bay,
epiph'ny wind - unprepared,
for dawn's light'n her eyes

space heater, packed church -
sand mountain snakes stay in box,
amens all around

plain old city bus,
a mid-winter way to work -
selma's reflection

ain't been this cold in
gadsden, she says, since th'war of
northern aggression

not much to see here,
grim march rain's soaking florence,
blues in muscle shoals

from montgom'ry west,

spring dawn wakens th'countryside,

ir'n rails sing f'r freedom

rains pound birmingham,
bright unmatched sock - another
laundromat easter


At 2:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 9:04 AM, Blogger Morty Sklar said...

Have only read "Alabama" so far, but LOVELY, and the links in the haiku are a bonus.


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