Friday, January 12, 2007



jupiter dune tracks,
lead out into ocean tides,
june's gentle blanket

old town sanibel -
on the fourth, they want th'real thing
and t'relax, finally

arrive at key west
to summer sunset dock dreamers -
kiss the earth, grateful

anna maria's
wide, empty beach - got used to
calm august tempo

dockside at sunset,

their eyes meet - even keywest


gators' line held up -
three steaks and ten beers later,
thinks he's entitled

widow, sorry she brought him,

sad he had to leave

in rhinestones and high heels,

got four clubs in mind

old ybor city,
trolley to cuban kitchen -
turkey, flan 'n' cigar

jax traffic nightmare,

black friday at th'malls - th'old man

heads back t'saint aug'stine 

in disney line, kids

watch santa whisper t'mickey -

personnel issue

got friends in boca -
it's a good place to thaw out
when champagne goes flat

wakes up in boca
silk sheets, but she’s hid th’champagne,
th’husband rings th’buzzer

vengeful and violent –
waves crash on south beach, b’yond th’porch,
he turns on th’rose bowl

she’s got money, th’bad marriage,
he’s got th’pack ‘n’ th’fiddle

new year - what's left of
three bottles, and the same curb
hemingway sat on

glove rubs rounded glass,
she swears she'll never forget
the launch on this beach

homestead motor home,
new york blizzard on its screen -
no guilt or regret

maine to chile, but
luck, time stop in miami
for epiphany storm

la-dee-dah's nightlife,
a spring break destination,
weary bum's tangent

jupiter beach dunes -
starry march night reaches wide,
pulls gray ocean tides

thirty-a traffic -
spring break, whole world comes t'visit,
sits out on th'highway

cards in jupiter -
cigars, flask, hoops brackets, and
jacket just in case

the girl, from jersey
to sea world this march - dolphin
looks her in the eye

up t'ten from the keys,
ready for the long hitch to th'coast
dawn with st. johns frogs

dominic'n easter -
she explains through tears why she's
still on concourse f

builder frames his house,
tampa reaches to marshes -
scrub jay moves her nest



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