Sunday, July 10, 2005

south dakota


busted transmission
on hot deserted two-lane
just outside of faith

they're loud but love to
talk harleys - time they get here,
almost to sturgis

rank and sticky fourth,
amoco in kadoka -
sick on bathroom floor

clear, hot sun, sacred
black hills - just 'cause there's walmart
now, doesn't change that

pastor heads for huron -
save souls at state fair - carney's
as good as any

deadwood gambler's tale -
brought his whole life to sturgis,
lost it all 'n a bet

shade of moving van,
parched grass crackles at his touch -
"yonder's wounded knee"

"blew up this mountain
t'have something for license plates"...
warm wind, lincoln's gaze

steady wind from west
prairie grasses gone to seed
buffalo road sign

a town called igloo
was on this weed patch - but the
white man ran us out

eagle soars, pulls him

up into th'shorter days - river

pulls him back t'yankton

rushmore empties out,
rock holds slowly changing trees -
how sacred, this place!

vermillion exit,

sunrise glows on backpack frame -

hopes for turkey fade

aberdeen farmer,

back from the war that christmas,

never wanted to leave

search harding county
for coyotes, fly over'm, pop'm -
snow's our best ally

wall diner ashtray's
last stub smolders, bad coffee-
icy onramp looms

nature call, 'n' he stops -

th'needles, th'badlands, orion,

'n' millions of his friends

dandelion adrift -

sioux falls schoolgirl takes deep breath,

only wants t'get out



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