Sunday, July 03, 2005

west virginia


buckhannon miner
summer vacation spent at
dad's black lung clinic

so close to halfway -
fourth's morning stillness
at harper's ferry

called sinks of gandy
by locals, long cool cave holds
childhood memory

huge cave in an open field -

now he's brought his kid

ginseng tea, soft kiss -
songbirds in cheat wilderness
seem t'find harmony

harper's ferry bridge -
hikers pause, consider moment,
river knows the hist'ry

griddlecakes spit grease -
autumn mist clouds memory,
road to droop beckons

oxen road pilgrim –
among th’stunning leaves, she sees
th’workings ‘f hindu gods

three weeks in the cheat -
happened t'come back t'town, just as
halloween arrived

souls' day squall outside

welch clinic - in waiting room,

old men with black lung

droop reenacter
writes letter to ancestor -
fell, but i'll get up

ghosts of droop mountain,
reencampment cannonball -
early frost's hard chill

"reb troops, three times more" -
droop colonel's bluster; behind,
his wife's weary smile

union will bear fruit
but first a bitter christmas

dad worked in the mines,
died early, left us here in
buckley, t'wait for spring

mountaintop blown out
blossoms ring miners' hollows
long road into welch

cap 'n' gown in his pack,

takes one last look, skips a stone


drank here as seniors -
this may, the wheeling bridge means
the east's behind me



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