Thursday, September 22, 2005



dew on a cobweb,
cobweb on a lincoln sign -
c'cadas' pitch rising

picnic on the platte -
entrails of catfish, wrapped in
yesterday's herald

grand island carney
knows twisters - wind hits trailer,
wakes in a cold sweat

sandwich at carhenge -
prairie stretches out for miles,
cool shade of old truck

tales 'f driving th'old chev -

lincoln by dawn, trunk'f ice 'n' coors,

th'kind that had t'be fresh

ogallala fox -
miles of open range, harvests -
still rather be 'n town

back roads near burwell

th’rodeo life’s all about horses,

cows’re just t’pay for it

she talks – rodeo food,

th’long drives, motels, roper’s life,

th’finals in north platte

it’s hard ‘n’ it’s phys’cal,

might feel like ropin’ th’stranger –
smiles, n’turns back t’lincoln

redwinged blackbird nests
in weeds by york exit sign -
hiker hides his face

watching huskers' game,
they didn't see th'hawk snatch th'puppy
out in th'parking lot

kept our son back in
lincoln schools - so he'd have a
shot at these huskers

lincoln capitol
guard - jingling keys, cold hands, hot
- talking huskers

streets of whiteclay -
turns cold fast here, and folks die,
liquor man won't budge

steakhouse champagne toast -
a fortune from union yards,
this cork pops for thee

ash on icy lot,
rust heaps balance on prairie -
place called alliance

this road goes on to
new york, but in this snowstorm
york would be enough

train hauling new trucks
straight across frozen sand hills -
in one, soft blues harp

welcome back, monarch!
salem roadside milkweeds know
you, too, are northbound

chadron yard breakfast
homemade bread, cheese, wine and field
of black-eyed susans

th’minute school lets out,
puts supplies ‘n’ h’s trunk f’r couple ‘f months
pulling trout from the loup

grand island, june third -
his calendar, stuck on th'day
he lost ev'rything

kearney dorm showers –

preparing for finals, they

might take them for granted

near ogalalla
interstate forks, prairie blooms
in both directions



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