Monday, July 11, 2005

south carolina


from sullivan's isle,
charleston harbor's twinkling lights,
dawn's steamy secrets

hilton head golfer,
two martinis into lunch,
relives his eighth hole

a beach called folly -
she prays for august rain, in
all seriousness

sweet tea, clemson beau -
so refreshing, she defers,
school starts, she'll vanish

sea island gullah -
r'minds her 'f ancestors, far from
this sultry market

indigo sundress -
maybe it means something, but
charleston folks don't know

grew up poor in flor'nce
got rich 'n'is air con - wouldn't
live anywhere else

teen from navy base,
sick of precision mowing
seeks myrtle's high tide

stranded in beaufort,
imprisoned by humid world,
feels like seceding

fought in the trenches,
retired here on myrtle beach -
tide soothes aching feet

myrtle beach hotel,
sand sticks to towel - sugar
dissolves in iced tea

corn still stands, ducks'll harvest it

hunters'll harvest th'ducks

gamecock linebacker
says this game's deadly vi'lence
worse than crack cocaine

folly beach barkeep -
"to th'new year - may th'tides be good,
n'some luck for th'trav'ler"

pink hearts, store windows
in charleston, sometimes you can't -
it's just th'way it is

foggy st. pat's morn,
palms camper finds green bottle,
can't read note's gaelic

rest stop near beaufort -
bronx pipefitter, local belle,
gentle april rain


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