Wednesday, May 06, 2015


butterflies circle,
dixie's heroes survey lawns -
buddhas of richmond

embers in th’campfire –
hiking th’shenandoah, she feels
removed from th’battles

thick fog in th’blue ridge
bear ‘n’ th’through hiker both lost th’way,
but hear th’leaves rustle

bearded through-hikers
bring big shoes, big appetites
down off cave mountain

down from cave mountain,
th’old through hiker speaks ‘f his goal –
th’all you can eat place

her tale ‘f stonewall’s death,
knows like th’trails ‘f th’shenandoah
don’t tell it often


monument mansion
kitchen – th’cool mint tea, ‘n’ th’question
‘f hon’ring ‘heritage’

in th’twin oaks hammock,
he tells about th’commune, ‘n’ his
whole summers reading

in th’twin oaks hammock,
th’guy says he took th’garbage shift
t’spend th’summer reading

th’search for th’great channels
lookout tow’r, rusted ‘n’ dang’rous,
lush forest, all sides

near roanoke, camper
curses union, rebels both -
poking at embers

campfire’s hot embers –
roanoke folks knew th’north and th’south,
didn’t like either

through hiker ‘n th’blue ridge,
sore joints ‘n shoulders show his age –
never been happier

way up on th’blue ridge
through hiker’s got th’best map, but
th’fog’s too thick t’read it

blue ridge through-hiker
takes a week to hitch t'd.c.,
say what's on his mind

blue ridge through-hiker -
come t’d.c. t’speak his mind, stops
‘t arlington’s white sea

arlington’s white sea
reminds her ‘f th’wide western skies
where th’clouds would talk t’her

camped 'n th’broomsedge, she says –
virginia grasses’re pretty,
but th’land is worthless

sleepless night 'n th'city,
but 'cross th'river, th'locusts pause
at th'unknown soldier


th’locusts’re deafening –
they feel th’spirits ‘n th’night’s stillness
‘t th’tomb ‘f th’unknown soldier

th’streets’ relentless noise
‘n’ even th’locusts’re quiet now –
found th’unknown soldier

th’finest of cheekbones,
‘n’ blue eyes t’kill – she’s ‘n albemarle,
and she’s dressed f’r th’hunt

bright charlottesville morn,
red jacket, black leather boots -
can’t get more sultry

got your hounds ‘n’ your fox
‘n’ your virginia countryside –
it’s th’essence of life

look so fine on th’horse,
finest mare in all albemarle
seems t’poop where she wants

so fine, th’alb’marle horse –
she tries t’notice th’good things ‘n life,
‘n’ stay on top of th’hunt

quarter off th’chain bridge
these same or'nge woods, george too camped,
‘n’ threw h‘s money away

jefferson’s buildings
she likes th’stately atmosphere,
th’sisters drink like fish


long night ‘f debauch’ry –
cold ‘n’ hungry, wakes up t’ th’judgment
‘f jefferson’s buildings

th’lass and th’boyfriend
‘n’ jefferson’s architecture
it’s th’students she hates

good life 'n charlottesville -
leaves changing, pretty college, job,
willing t'leave 'n minute

small house on grove street,
charlottesville ‘n fall, but you know
when you have t’get out

dark james holds secrets -
tree bark skims churlish waters,
'skins game drones from shore

‘cross th’james, th’skins game drones
th’state has mountains, th’sea, th’cities
‘n’ def’nitely th’hist’ry


leaves ‘n th’arlington grounds
blaze with th’promise ‘f coming back –
th’white crosses, silent

warm - november memories,
arlington shadows

th’new malls ‘t manassas -
she hates th’black friday traffic,
‘n’ at th’light, looks out ‘t th’fields

black friday at th'mall,
m'nassas teens push t'get xbox -
what happened t'thankful?

hol’days ‘t liberty
th’boss loves th’media, ‘n’ has no shame
‘n’ don’t cotton t’dissent

champagne toast, new years
wish - sent with a prayer, over
arlington's white sea

car off th’road ‘n th’cold woods,
th’devil’s th’enemy, says th’dad –
outside chanc’llorsville

scripture’s stern ‘n’ final –
th’truck brakes hard ‘n th’frozen gravel
‘n th’beltway exit ramp

pack on th’frozen ice
beltway exit ramp trucker’s
pray’r f’r th’weary hiker


road t’appomattox
no question, some folks’re stuck ‘n th’past,
he says, ‘n th’freezing rain

ninevah red light,
flurries cloud scholar's mem'ry -
turns green soon enough

chanc'llorsville waitress -
cold march rain, tale 'f stonewall's death
chill her to the bone

bacon and waitress'
remark: drunk curses avon
a cold march sonnet

waitress, avon dive,
rhymes as she curses th’march wind –
but never heard ‘f th’bard

spring rains, time is stopped,
visibility obscured
manassas strip mall

th’nazis killed ‘r fam’ly –
by chance, th’spring rains ‘n charlottesville
‘ve made her cry again

redbuds ‘f lexington
like th’town, put stock ‘n looking good,
‘stead ‘f being friendly

redbuds ‘f lexington
explosion ‘f color ‘n th’valley,
but th’store clerk’s churlish


back from th’grand canyon –
grew up in roanoke’s dogwoods,
never quite saw them

galax mechanic
writes out universal bill -
mountain spring beckon

assateague's wild foals,
born on the virginia side -
sea breeze, their first breath

virginia bluebells
th’slow sunrise, morning coffee,
‘n’ wait t’get back on th’road

del ray baseball field
your bill armed th’mentally ill,
he’s got you in th’sights

fear ‘f random shooting –
you want t’play baseball ‘n del ray,
something t’think about


virginia bluebells
morning coffee, ‘n’ th’argument
that th’place’s for lovers

music's good in june
where crooked road comes down t' floyd-
nothin' else to do


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