Friday, January 26, 2007



eastbound, little rock
has steamy edge - baked west fades
in rearview mirror

southern grace 'n' charm, refuge from

th'northern experience

certain mean spirit -

t'drown out th'foul language

downtown little rock,
thirty and the arkansas -
wetland summer sounds

abandoned cabin,
deep hazen woods - nap, halfway
mex'co to iowa

two-lane near ozark,
woods ease into fall, old truck
into second gear

hog fans, down for game -
old pickup, eureka swerves,
fumbling all the beers

man from spur, texas
look'n for wooded ozark land-
snow falls on 'closed' sign

little rock motel -
six share room, sleep in shifts, work
right through holidays

hard life of drinking
ends on icy glazed park bench
in texarkana

has millions, but gets
heet for truck, says 'nice weather' -
and leaves for f'ettev'lle

fort smith freeway bridge
feeling - ice breaks on river,
clear skies to the west

hope waitress' ashtray's
smoke floats to faded ceiling,
another year ends

hope bridesmaid's complaint -
church door's stuck, spring rains starting -
it takes a good yank

at mountain home sign,
dawn reaches ridge - ride or two
from dulcimer jam

needs gas n'seed money
or a life - an hour from hope,
but four from dallas

eureka skater's
steep venue - staid victorians,
cliffside wildflowers


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