Saturday, May 02, 2015


fishin’ th’med’cine bow
started out taking pictures
‘n’ just kept coming back

twenty five ‘n’ ninety
stars ‘n’ th’sounds ‘f diesel trucks, after
five days in th’bighorn

beaver chews th’willow
makes h‘s home ‘n’ th’shoshone wilderness,
his own little pond

teton ranger's bunk-
rolled up sweaters as pillow,
deep woods out window

medicine mountain
th’tourists at th’old wheel have t’guess
what things really meant


dusty town ‘f eden
th’lass wants t’hurry on t’jackson,
he’s struck by th’wide sky

sheridan t’cheyenne –
hauls th’horses ‘n’ hay, ‘n’ rather sleep
‘n th’bales, than some motel


ranchers near cody
walking lines ‘f fence all morning,
love th’ven’son jerky

teton ranger’s bunk –
th’gen’rous hospitality,
dusty sense ‘f order

woke up in ten sleep
name of th’town, says th’camper, ‘s from the days
‘f long walking journeys

starts t’walk in ten sleep
worn out shoes, stars ‘n th’summer sky,
ancient tradition

sound ‘f feet on pavement
’n th’town ‘f ten sleep, windows open,
lots ‘f wild critters ‘n th’night

t’jackson from europe,
asks th’locals how t’vacation
without fine coffee

plains ‘t devil’s tower
wildflowers ‘n’ fresh air abound,
th’motor home needs gas

waits by old faithful
motor home broke, ‘n’ wants t’see it
do what it’s s’posed to

spends th’week at th’geyser
th’tourist has t’keep measuring
th’reg’lar interval

devil’s tower tourist –
more impressed by th’wide prairie
‘n’ th’blooming wildflowers

pastor ‘t devil’s tower
sees even th’field ‘f wildflowers
as th’world ‘f temptation

saratoga's springs
warm, soften trav'ler's bones, then
straight into the platte

at jackson post box,
sunburned wrangler tips his hat
to jewelled vixen

saratoga springs -
steam, sweat, summer of sadness
wash down platte river

saratoga lass –
works ‘t th’town hall, comes t’th’springs t’wash
her troubles down th’platte

saratoga lass –
in th’springs, th’anger from her ex –
then, wash it down th’platte

august moon, tetons
th’rarest ‘f personal connections
th’most stunning backdrop

so reliable,
ebb n'flow of tourists, geyser -
barefoot on cool earth

cody bank teller
no use for sunshine, summer,
foreign currency

yellowstone bear's plan -
huddled campers locked in van,
milk 'n' cookies for th'cubs

tale ‘f th’yellowstone bear –
knows how t’sneak up on th’tourists,
get some free lunches

beaver eats willow,
unimpressed by mountain peaks -
teton wilderness

hugg'n' th'riverbottoms,
cottonwood shade curves along -
wyoming pallette

old faithful, it’s called –
has those shimmering aspens,
lucky t’see it once

cottonwoods ‘n th’valley,
th’mountains’ hues – fall ‘n wyoming,
th’impressionist’s dream

back in laramie
rode horses for months, lost th’love
f’r modern philos’phy

saratoga lass –
hot spring, fresh air, hot coffee –
hits him with th’football


posed ‘t th’cowboy statue
game day, ‘n’ half th’folks’re tourists,
not sure ‘bout th’image

october, point ‘f rocks
even when th’stagecoach stopped here,
th’most windswept ‘f all plains

fire flickers and dies,
wolf decries frost - darkness reigns
over druid peak

wolf tracks ‘t yellowstone
first snow tells th’ranger plenty
‘bout th’changing balance

in medicine bow,
old hiker with memories -
halloweens long gone

saints day in bar nunn
mighty friendly to strangers,
with west wind howling

camping in shoshone,
watched by wolf on ridge - beyond,
impending blizzard

east out of casper
looking for gambling payout,
ice sent them to grave


wolves’re after his sheep –
dubois rancher likes th’balance
‘f th’rifle on his glove 

casper mountain road –
hairpin turns, snow ‘n’ ice, th’small sign,
end state maintenance

yellowstone snowshoe
hiker - frozen beard, keen eye
for canus lupus

green river rock springs
large green sign dominates
hibernating plains

green river rock springs,
th’sign glows in th’raging blizzard
you’d never guess they’re real

lost ‘n th’raging blizzard
th’green river rock springs sign tells’m
t’stay on th’interstate

thermopolis' ice
power lines coated and glazed
wheels spinning beneath

from warmth of squad car,
says hitching in wyoming's
its own punishment (*)

table rock exit –
th’off’cer’s request for i.d.
breaks up th’frigid morn

checks th’hiker’s i d,
that’s all – winter ‘n table rock’s
enough punishment

she knows ev’ry inch
‘f th’red desert – not inclined t’let
someone freeze in it

u-turn in wamsutter
her warm eyes, 'n' this frigid plain
could be someone’s home

stopped at table rock,
frigid morn, ‘n’ th’p’liceman offers
a ride t’wamsutter

squad car’s heat blasting,
th’frigid red desert, th’short ride’s
enough t’thaw th’fingers

he’s swung north ‘f denver
‘n march, ‘n’ th’hawk, too, scans th’horizon –
eighty’s th’long road t’th’coast


all th’way down t’cheyenne
break from calving sheep on th’ranch,
‘n’ th’missus wanted t’shop

th’stream goes into th’green,
but th’beaver’s dammed it – he’s th’first
t’steal from th’col’rado

near lar'mie, dawn breaks
'n field 'f red wildflowers - she calls them
indian paintbrushes

indian paintbrushes
she hates t’go t’laramie
‘n’ have t’leave them behind

indian paintbrushes
like th’delicate flow’r, she’s drawn
t’ th’rough edge ‘f laramie

easter hats - back in
laramie, they pose, barefoot,
by th'cowboy statue

came t’jackson from cannes
th’cowboy’s rough hands touch her arm,
so blunt ‘n’ refreshing

e pluribus haiku


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