Friday, September 30, 2005


yazoo city law -
through crack in tinted window,
a sweltering heat

kudzu in mirror,
enough mint tea, y'all come back -
yazoo city still

desoto campfire -
stories of small-town picnics
and not fitting in

folks talk civil war -
old stouts steamboat captain talks
summers on th'river

watching perseids -
vicksburg girl can't imagine
marryin' a yankee

westbound on twenty -
barbecue on pack canvas,
old bridge souvenir

holed up in jackson
labor day hurricane blues
cot springs on off beat

ole miss linebacker
spits his aggression and scorn
on faulkner's sidewalks

woke in tombigbee,
red clay bed, pine for blanket,
campfire for coffee

home from th'war, killed here,
old cemetery road 'n' confed'rate -
ain't used t'ice 'n these parts

deserted crossroads,
limited fame, yours and mine -
we toast the new year

desoto campfire
smokes wood wet from march drizzle,
better'n any cologne

natchez trace roadside
aroma - unknown blossoms,
or maybe old ghosts?

laurel laundr'mat door -
dryer steam at back, he stops,
baptized by spring rain

girl scouts - tup'lo's finest,
most sincere of mall merchants
selling do-si-dos

too many days, waiting for work,

but hope is in th'air


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