Friday, November 25, 2005



labor day - haiku
guard takes our photograph;
in fog, a smile's lost

chirping stilt protests
tenuous relationship
on pearl harbor beach

pounding 'f th'taro root,

its echo fills th'valley

rain pounds windward side,
haiku valley mission postponed -
saints day step van tea

urge to pray - during

volcano park ranger's tale,

r'members it's souls' day

twelve hundred degree lava,

best to step aside

kailua tourist -
tells how aunt picked fights over
that turkey carcass

frigid small town vows
behind, waikiki ahead -
surf breaks and crashes

they met 'n oahu,
came over to th'big island -
winter crowds depressed'm

landing, we share dreams -
hers, more champagne, waikiki,
mine, the haiku steps

pearl harbor tourist -
new year brings recognition
thirty years' nightmares

haiku valley fog
envelops a steep ladder -
balanced on new year

ocean's pearl sparkles
from mainland march, sun has strayed
temptress oahu!

busy restaurant
loses bride's lu'au - groom's eyes
on duke in finals

th’hibiscus blooms red
th’park lass claims they were planted

a nisei’s loyalty,
she says, spraying th’hibiscus,
‘s always in question


lass, mem’ries of hachimachi –
most loyal to th’flow’rs

hibiscus gard'ner -

most nisei loyal, grandma

made hachimachi

easter rains - hilo
laundromat's dull dryer lint,
needle on old jeans

big island sunset -

cobalt sea t'blanket 'f june stars,

tide that pulls both ways



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