Sunday, July 04, 2004


only seven, and sweat
soaks his collar - he mentions
his high plains district

shaken down by th'inspector,

curses labor day

down from the blue ridge,
finds her in georgetown cafe -
dead leaves in his hair

fresh suit, and he wants
the restaurant's best pumpkin pie -
k street urgency

"team's a steroid bath,
street thugs, white coach, ain't nothin'
red-skinned about it"

each connected to a life -


skillful crowd handling -
he recalls th'day 'f nixon's

'ye shall know the truth' -
beltway blizzard, trucker's brakes -
th'truth shall set you free

he blows in his hands, outside


brought tractors down to
protest farm bills - dug us out
of a huge blizzard

beltway ramp dharma
wafting smell of impairment,
a cold, hard march rain

tidal basin pinks
on stately monument grays -
history unfolds

samurai display -
with cherries, celebration
'f our relationship