Saturday, July 16, 2005


sun takes solstice west
to asia, leaves rocks in tide
on oregon coast

saltspring t'san miguel -

five rest stop, midnight coffee

t'celebrate the fourth

way back to five,
stumbles on old believer,
gervais flowerbed

to stop in ashland
for a shakespeare production -
or hitch on and camp

portland law tickets
bicyclists with passengers -
even labor day

wet shady beaches
seem like another planet
in desert near bend

bottle with note floats
into dunes campsite - driftwood
fire, history, dreams

used t'be a hipster,
old port t' th'west end - now he hates'm,
spends his days duckhunt'n

grim reaper costume -

portland kid blinded, his scythe

caught on 'don't walk' sign

from her window, hood -

steady, the hand on the knife,


cold winter forest
of a blue oregon funk -
find coast, take a breath

posed my bride on rock -
puts egg nog on portland bar -
a big wave came in

corvallis side streets -
van fills with smell of coffee,
march rains relentless

dad, grandpa logged hood -
take that nesting spotted owl,
crush it in my fist

eugene anarchists
fill city streets on may day -
can't pick a leader

thirty years fishing
tillamook, seen some wet mays -
logs crack in fireplace

chinook coming up
the umpqua - i wait all year
to get a big one

wife's a legal aide -
spend my spring days on the rogue
haulin' in chinook

lush shady valley
june evening gently falls on
road to corvallis



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