Saturday, January 13, 2007



rehoboth lifeguard,
his attention diverted,
loses a moment

r.v.'s in dover -
ribs, beer, anticipation;
race day approaches

slaughter beach - the child's

sandcastle saves th'horseshoe crabs

stranded by low tide

centreville meeting

graveyard - picnic with folks who

don't share my lifestyle

dover nascar champ
logos bathed in vict'ry lights
speed, power, gold tooth

diplomat's beemer
double parked in rehoboth -
summer's patience gone

two ninety five bridge
traffic hums - in batt'ry park,
fall comes in with tide

outside zwaanendael,
leaves in wind - couple argues
about 'going dutch'

big night at the schwarz -
small town wears its pearls and heels,
first snow hits east coast

jealous of dupont

and his immaculate billiards,

winter t'hone his skills

chopped wood, blazing fire,
can of beans, bread, potatoes -
hardscrabble new year

epiph'ny tide at
rehoboth - bottle, note from
th'canary islands

dime off memorial -
frozen delaware's better
than that flyers' rink

des'lation, despair -

th'faces 'f bundled up commuters


wilmington rest stop
tourist daydream - visit folks
tax refund goes to

ocean of water
spring rains, and nothing to do
beth'ny's dry's ever

her smile looks diff'rent, thousands

'f flowers behind her

she works at nemours,

faithful t'dupont 'n' th'legacy -

when flow'rs bloom, she dreams



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