Monday, July 25, 2005

new york

past alb'ny, the woods'
cool lake - swim, fish, camp and sew
a patch in his jeans

canal hist'ry buff,
rusted erie lock hardware,
flowering ragweed

soho loft vixen -
good life from summer art trade,
yen for open road

metro section t'read, stock page

for th'woods, th'rest t'burn

squeegie people swarm
car at houston street red light -
say "hewston", pay more!

bridal veil falls - its
water whiter than others' -
hits rocks just as hard

yankee stadium
jackhammers beyond left field
october's shattered?

civil war statue
ignored by midtown shoppers
gathers fallen leaves

sundown, east village,

constant noise, too much traffic -
and then, the shofar

falls customs agent -

wary eye on leaves in pack:

"welcome home, my friend"


beneath brooklyn bridge,
immigrants shooting baskets -
fresh fall breeze from sea

neighbor of stonewall:
openly gay's not a crime -
steel-toed boots kick leaves

passionate warriors debate

what const'tutes a foul

turkey, bronx kitchen -

on the wall he sees jesus,

his competition

christmas tree farmer -
truck bed down to pine needles,
lured by soho's wares

n train incident -
somewhere in brooklyn, a man's
vanished at christmas

throgsneck hitchhiker -
snow, baggage tag on worn pack,
going to peru

tonawanda drifts -
snowplow'rs smash into parked cars,
unable to see

drizzle mist frozen

on th'walk - she tries t'get good view


soho chocolate -
farm kid watches passersby,
feeling toes again

like th'ice 't goat island
we float canada 'r th'u.s. -
either way, might crash

central park skater -

as th'snowflake lands in her hair,

she hurries t'catch th'bus

coin off tappan zee -
icy hudson won't want it
st. christopher will

deep b'neath grand central,

he curses th'bitter winter -


falls customs agents
dismantling truck's wheel housing -
march sleet ices tires

union gen'ral, in

means less than you think

cursing 'spring forward' -

long island commuter's lost

precious hour of sleep

steps on kerouac,
shuts pickup door against rome's
spring rains - this, his home

on train from quebec,
spring blooms fill hudson valley -
she catches his eye

stranded hiker waits,
at schenectady off ramp
june's songbirds note dawn



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