Friday, May 01, 2015

Washington D,C,

‘n th’courtyard ‘f th’holocaust 
museum, th’heat – ‘cross town, he
talks ‘bout th’fine people


crossing th’potomac
‘n th’june rain she turns off th’radio,
‘lectric car just hums


heading out t’watch th’nats
might drink ‘n’ skip work on monday,
gov’rnmnent’ll keep running

stuck, m ‘n’ wisconsin
as georgetown gets steamier,
comes t’miss th’swimming hole

only seven, and sweat
soaks his collar - he mentions
his high plains district

curses ‘n th’steamy night
th’inspector shook down th’poor hack
‘n th’union station queue

constitution ave
they went for ice cream, but th’kid
spilled’t on einstein’s lap

th’ranchers ‘n his district
wouldn’t know th’k street pressure –
he sweats in th’air con

bluegrass harm’nies cut
th’warm rain, foggy bottom porch –
opp’site ‘f politics

early morn, th’sharp heat
he’d like th’feel ‘f georgetown better
‘he could stay inside

union station hack,
shaken down by th'inspector,
curses labor day

down from the blue ridge,
finds her in georgetown cafe -
dead leaves in his hair

near m ‘n’ wisconsin,
come from th’blue ridge, leaves from ‘s cuffs
fall on th’café floor

redskin capped clerk’s scowl –
hiker uses th’bathroom, fills
his water from th’fountain

redskin hat’s askew,
clerk’s disdain for lack ‘f manners –
east coast irony

foggy bottom porch –
bluegrass back-beat, th’stand-up bass,
forget th’election

fresh suit, and he wants
the restaurant's best pumpkin pie -
k street urgency

skins game in th’background,
clink ‘f glasses, ‘n’ ev’ry debate
‘s some kind ‘f politics

clerk with th’redskin hat
mad ‘t th’hiker f’r using th’restroom,
wants him t’buy something

fash’nable georgetown
breakfast place, even th’waiter
wearing th’nixon mask

sports bar on u street
passionate ‘bout politics,
they aren’t watching th’skins


k street lobbyist –
pressure ‘n’ th’beer change th’fellow’s mind,
redskins get th’fumble

"team's a steroid bath,
street thugs, white coach, ain't nothin'
red-skinned about it"

lincoln’s ‘bout a mile
from th’foggy bottom station
not too cold a walk

his breath curls slowly,
in th’cold he squints t’recognize
th’names on th’marble wall

first snows in georgetown
helps, he says, ‘gainst th’east coast stress
jagger’s plaintive tones

the names on the wall,
each connected to a life -
he watches his breath

cabbie in th’district
even ‘n winter, judges th’fares
by th’danger ‘f th’locale

some pow’rful bluegrass,
egg nog, ‘n’ k street politics –
an odd comb’nation

skillful crowd handling -
he recalls th'day 'f nixon's

friends’re boycotting th’speech,
she’ll take th’metro down t’ th’city,
t’protest th’state ‘f th’union

frigid dawn – th’district
police’ve made th’schoolbuses touch,
have t’keep th’people out

election went bad –
now it’s cold, ‘n’ he’s on th’ellipse
yelling into th’crowd

'ye shall know the truth' -
beltway blizzard, trucker's brakes -
th'truth shall set you free

lincoln memorial
watching his breath, he touches
th’words carved into th’stone

snow and bitter cold -
he blows in his hands, outside
th'lincoln memorial

brought tractors down to
protest farm bills - dug us out
of a huge blizzard

ice ‘t th’reflecting pool
th’confused australian tourist,
too, walks across it

beltway ramp dharma
wafting smell of impairment,
a cold, hard march rain

kalorama heights
finds th’mansions’ gardens stunning,
but seeks th’redbuds ‘n th’park

redbuds ‘f cathedral
avenue – out kalorama, tries t’find
th’seren’ty sculpture

tidal basin pinks
on stately monument grays -
history unfolds

‘tween th’cherry blossoms
‘n’ th’monuments, stops a while
‘t th’holocaust itself

from th’cherry fest, stops
‘t th’holocaust memorial
that upsets his day

blossoms ring c street,
he says he know her – she says
might be possible

great aunt died ‘t h’rosh’ma –
prefers th’café ‘t th’holocaust
to th’cherry blossoms

out on wallenberg,
th’spring breeze – she tells of th’horror,
th’demons ‘f th’common man

quarter ‘n th’potomac,
spring forward ‘n’ th’morning rush hour,
wishes just t’move on

samurai display -
with cherries, celebration
'f our relationship


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