Friday, May 15, 2015


sun takes solstice west
to asia, leaves rocks in tide
on oregon coast

solstice, or’gon coast –
t’vietnam, says th’bott;e’s note,
hoping someone cares

cool rain ‘n th’tillamook
she’s come from th’desert, ‘n’ wants t’let
th’water wash her feet

from his window, hood
towers over th’steamy night
only th’rich go there

saltspring t'san miguel -
five rest stop, midnight coffee
t'celebrate the fourth

crossing th’rogue on th’fourth
restless soul took him ‘round th’world,
now he’s glad t’be home

firecrackers on th’rogue
back from abroad, you realize
how precious it is

did fine, logging hood
th’spotted owl ‘n’ th’damn antifas
took it away from ‘m

way back to five,
stumbles on old believer,
gervais flowerbed

near bend, th’hot desert
th’lonely road, th’housewife gets th’mail,
isn’t much traffic


near th’pistol river,
waves push ‘gainst th’coastal highway –
‘n’ she’s a bit on edge


twenty east through burns
th’wild, dry west, such ‘nother world,
tries t’think like bundy

to stop in ashland
for a shakespeare production -
or hitch on and camp

long ride through ashland,
th’trucker’s long haul up th’coast – so,
t’give up on shakespeare

portland law tickets
bicyclists with passengers -
even labor day


stuck ‘n sixteen hundred –
‘round ev’ry corner ‘f ashland,
she hears shakespeare’s voice


downpour ‘t th’carver bridge
fresh-cut logs, he says, ‘re th’shadows
‘n th’clackamas, hard t’see

smoke over eugene
when th’students come back, they think
th’garden is burning

wet shady beaches
seem like another planet
in desert near bend

bottle with note floats
into dunes campsite - driftwood
fire, history, dreams

feelings hurt ‘n high school
moved t’ashland t’become ‘n actress –
life’s comedy ‘f errors

she hides ‘n th’character
‘til th’entire town ‘f ashland’s just
‘n eliz’bethan stage

to stay ‘r not t’stay,
the beauty ‘n th’bard, ‘r th’road t’medford -
that is the question


ten years ‘t th’shakespeare fest
having mastered th’skills ‘f acting,
she tries being genuine

generations logged hood
but he’s unemployed ‘n august,
‘n’ cursing th’spotted owl

used t'be a hipster,
old port t' th'west end - now he hates'm,
spends his days duckhunt'n

loves his duck football –
friday, runs ‘round t’get supplies,
saturday, won’t budge

grim reaper costume -
portland kid blinded, his scythe
caught on 'don't walk' sign

bright leaves ‘f th’mckenzie
tries t’get her t’see all th’colors,
she knows th’rains’re coming

november downpour –
stumptown regular’s hoping
th’californians leave

onions, sage ‘n th’dressing,
questions th’wisdom ‘f moving west –
out th’window, mount hood

from her window, hood -
steady, the hand on the knife,
sage goes in onions

smell ‘f sage ‘n’ onions,
view ‘f hood from th’kitchen window –
she knows how t’hold th’knife

her kitchen view ‘f hood
she cuts th’onions for th’stuffing,
tells him not t’come back

city ‘f bridges
trying t’get some change f’r christmas,
‘n’ living under one

cold winter forest
of a blue oregon funk -
find coast, take a breath

rainbows ‘n th’willamette
th’forest’s too cold for camping,
‘n’ they left for key west

posed my bride on rock -
puts egg nog on portland bar -
a big wave came in

off to th’war ‘n vietnam,
note ‘n bottle wash up, coos bay,
also on th’new year

waves crash ‘t yachats beach,
new year’s toast t’ th’hiker – what’s next,
we can only guess

blizzard, salem bus
station – th’amish, th’old b’liever
wonder how t’keep th’young

preys on th’craigslist kids,
want th’cheap rent ‘n out ‘f th’portland rain –
throws them out in th’cold

corvallis side streets -
van fills with smell of coffee,
march rains relentless

cold ‘n’ fog ‘bout killed him,
now, from th’butte, th’whole blooming town
seems t’have come alive

bleak roseburg sunday –
not used t’kids pump’n gas, she flirts,
even in th’march rain

th’medford kid pumps th’gas
‘n th’light spring rain – th’city lass smiles
‘t his gentle manner

dad, grandpa logged hood -
take that nesting spotted owl,
crush it in my fist

embrace th’endless rain
stumptown patron hopes it drives
th’californians out

eugene anarchists
fill city streets on may day -
can't pick a leader

may day f’r th’anarchists –
streets ‘f eugene will know they’re there,
after that, th’usual

may rains in th’skagit
refreshing t’th’hiker from bend,
th’local’s kind ‘f sick ‘f them

thirty years fishing
tillamook, seen some wet mays -
logs crack in fireplace

chinook coming up
the umpqua - i wait all year
to get a big one

found th’good salmon runs
hundred miles from home t’ th’umpqua,
but it’s well worth th’trip

wife's a legal aide -
spend my spring days on the rogue
haulin' in chinook

bridge at multnomah
watching th’falls, th’grads agree on
th’perils ‘f adulthood

portland’s lush gardens,
ablaze with th’scents ‘n’ colors ‘f spring
she likes th’rhodies th’best

city’f lush gardens,
from sullivan’s gulch t’roseway –
nothing beats th’rhodies

she speaks ‘f th’pain ‘f th’thorns
even as th’fest’val’s roses
catch th’afternoon sun

at th’rose festival,
scientific explanation
‘f th’evolution ‘f thorns

thorns ‘t th’rose festival
th’kid’s so mad at th’antifas,
‘bout t’kill a few ‘f’ ‘em

japanese garden –
even as th’iris blooms, cringe
‘t th’rage ‘f th’max train stabber

lush shady valley
june evening gently falls on
road to corvallis

e pluribus haiku


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