Tuesday, January 23, 2007


coast fog, crashing waves -
big sur, soothing balm, after
sizzling desert roads

finds him out in th'haight

dealin' 'n' trippin' at th'same time,

even on the fourth

dodgers at candl'stick,
ancient and bitter feud - pard'n,
but I'm just pass'n through

humboldt redwood dreams,
ferns, rotted bark as mattress,
canopy as tent

he grew up 'n l.a., but knows

it'll never be th'same

downtown stockton - five's

shoulder, flat tire, van 'f hikers,

impatience 'f the law

saw sign say'n "zzyzx"-
california in summer
or desert mirage?

road to manzanar -
sweat imprisons, sun rises,
camp memories burn

takes three days to get
from south l.a. to north by thumb
nights with roadside flowers

road splits in barstow,
where hopes fry like egg on road -
one hiker's still stuck

from baldy, th'hazy

valley - warm winters're good,

summers like this're hell

cheese, apple, skippy -

waves crash, harvest moon rises

over th'hearst castle

candlestick vendor
doesn't want to run for change -
tired of long season

third night, roadside flowers,
vast valleys, l.a. traffic -
miss'n two-lane's colors

even on saints' day,
flowers blooming on hillside -
l.a. freeway bridge


same exit, same l.a. smog,

same roadside flowers

rider - "how limiting 't is

t'only love women"

mendocino surf's

brooding crash - 'n' abalone

for thanksgiving feast

police on the ten
stop hikers five yards from sign -
no christmas spirit

savage traffic fumes -
neon diamond, sunset haze,
christmas eve descends

took four days to hitch
south l.a. to north - new year
in roadside bushes

santa monica
cop, no hot crimes, spends new year
waking the homeless

venice canal's edge -
old country's reflection in
a champagne bottle

week in griffith park
'f love, coffee, peanut butter -
holidays come and go

got to san diego
felt the dark east behind him -
epiphany tide

high sierra storm
ice on pines and patios
takes one's breath away

lodi trucker's drawl -
it's only green in winter,
brown, rest of the year

mountain winds whistle,
snow-laden pines sway and shriek -
long barn and its glade

art on venice walls -
they ignore it all winter,
he tags the palm tree

backup on the five
cars, sun, air con - for this we
trade scraping windshields?

sweeping clay street curbs,
he speaks of spring festivals
where weather changes

sleeps days, big sur woods -
spring moon at highway crossing,
nights by ocean waves

panhachel 'til may
then bring it to malibu
in time for arts fest

gate bridge – quickly, help give her

some reasons to live!

june evening drama -
he curses the four oh five
and all its people


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