Saturday, July 23, 2005

north dakota


from white butte outward,
wide plain slopes for miles - nearby,
prairie smoke blooming

bismarck yard camper:
"burlington northern owner
was once one of us"

fargo yard boxcar
good f'r th'long ride - wait 'n th'weeds,
when th'train starts, jump on

arb'retum camper,
shadow of th'state capitol,
found a patch of woods

after west fargo
no interstate junctions 'til
billings - frost on boots

bowen ave denny's -
they make the pumpkin pie last
'til salt trucks are done

fargo boxcar drunk
doesn't know which way is south -
frosted weeds witness

a town called minot,
nothing but prairie around -
one winter, i left

new year with folks in
zap - sounds a bit livelier
than it really is

stranded in bismarck -
roads keep drifting over, and
it's thirty below

th’car is safe in bismarck, he says –
tongue might freeze, though

you don't understand
how these devil's lake winters
make faith an issue

drift prairie marsh geese,
oblivious, cold - just in
from manitoba


likes t'catch his walleye

they jump right in th'boat

may day, halfway lake -
forgot where he started out,
or where he's going

fargo's flow'r gardens -

she likes th'wild prairie roses

in the back alley


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