Tuesday, July 05, 2005



butterflies circle,
dixie's heroes survey lawns
buddhas of richmond

bearded through-hikers
bring big shoes, big appetites
down off cave mountain

in th’twin oaks hammock,

he tells about th’commune, ‘n’ his

whole summers reading

near roanoke, camper
curses union, rebels both -
poking at embers 

blue ridge through-hiker
takes a week to hitch t'd.c.,
say what's on his mind

sleepless night 'n th'city,

but 'cross th'river, th'locusts pause


th’finest of cheekbones,

‘n’ blue eyes t’kill – she’s ‘n albemarle,

and she’s dressed f’r th’hunt

bright charlottesville morn,
red jacket, black leather boots -
can’t get more sultry


‘n’ your virginia countryside –

it’s th’essence of life

good life 'n charlottesville -

leaves changing, pretty college, job,
willing t'leave 'n minute

dark james holds secrets
tree bark skims churlish waters
'skins game drones from shore

warm - november memories,
arlington shadows

black friday at th'mall,

m'nassas teens push t'get xbox -

what happened t'thankful?

champagne toast, new years
wish - sent with a prayer, over
arlington's white sea

ninevah red light,
flurries cloud scholar's mem'ry -
turns green soon enough

chanc'llorsville waitress -
cold march rain, tale 'f stonewall's death
chill her to the bone

bacon and waitress'
remark: drunk curses avon
a cold march sonnet

spring rains, time is stopped,
visibility obscured
manassas strip mall

galax mechanic
writes out universal bill -
mountain spring beckons

assateague's wild foals,
born on the virginia side -
sea breeze, their first breath

music's good in june
where crooked road comes down t' floyd-
nothin' else to do



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