Friday, October 21, 2005



longhorn by old fence,
plains rising, weeds grow up sign -
wichita, 50

way up the flint ridge,
spits back at steamy lowlands -
drier on high plains

no soul on high plains,
sun beats on barren rock - hawk
finds "toronto" sign

lawrence exit blues
busker, played in town through fourth -
last place 'til denver

walking the u.s. -
wind drags him back t'salina
sun pulls at his shoe

longhorn guards weed patch
on road west to wichita
sign of things to come!

wyandotte county
backroads cricket song lyrics
lost in translation

circle water tow'r
find kansas town name in sun
class of sixty two!

field of sunflowers
following sun to the west
over the flint ridge

parents harvesting,

but she's back'n this cafe booth, off
massachusetts street

whole field 'f ripe milo,
clear crisp air t'the m'ssouri line -
train whistle pierces

pittsburg student's shocked -
roommate's thanksgiving dinner
had no spaghetti

on through emporia,

light snow dusts golden flint hills -

change drivers, make tea

kansans always know
which way is west, to lean in
to the bitter wind

flint ridge longhorn warns
westbound traffic: high plains drifts
leave no sign of road

they'd mined galena-
one new year, sixty six caved,
car fell twenty feet

marais des cygnes sky,
warm wind billows northbound geese,
road weighed down by cars

just one wall stood when

lent'n twister razed flint hills church -

that wall had th'picture

dust storm stirs mem'ry -

old man in hays tax office

remembers childhood

place like leavenworth,

common man's rage against feds -

post office, tax day

phone poles in a line -
with no roads, how did spring rains
find garden city?

flint ridge view - behind,
steamy east; below, monarch,
up from mexico

red and blue balloons,
drunken graduates still in robes -
parents load the van



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