Friday, May 08, 2015


navajos ‘f bear’s claw
‘n th’open hogan, ask how th’tech’s
finding th’petroglyphs

off th’road in saint george,
th’lost lass stumbles ‘n th’midday heat,
looking for th’rainbow

th’enterprise ranger
slows down th’traffic ‘t th’reservoir –
full moon for th’rainbow

cave valley, zion
hikes ‘n th’hot sun t’find th’petroglyphs,
th’well-guarded secret

best summer harvest,
irish coffee - from mountain,
sparkle of salt lake

summer sun ‘t salt wash
back ‘f th’pickup, she shares th’tarp’s shade,
th’dog decides t’make room

salt wash, pickup bed
she ‘n’ th’dog hitched from panama,
on th’way t’alaska

she’s come thousands ‘f miles
wants t’feel th’rainbow drum circle
near th’caves ‘f enterprise

enterprise reservoir
ranger’s suspicion for th’rainbow
she gives him a kiss

th’rainbow hugs, th’campfire,
th’welcome home – it’s good f’r th’spirit,
th’cool air ‘f th’ent’rprise caves

from blistering heat
enterprise reservoir caves
offer dusty nap

well off beaten path
u turn in heber city
summer sunday shot

moab rafter’s tale –
deep ‘n th’canyons, saw th’cave drawings,
‘n’ he’ll never be th’same

fire ‘n th’uintah ‘n’ ouray
steep rugged terrain, ‘n’ dry heat,
had t’go with th’copters

train cuts salt lake, stops -
one side green, one red, bugs'n both,
oh f'r a drop 'f water!

crossing th’great salt lake,
th’train stops, bugs on th’pale surface –
forgot t’bring water

bryce canyon hiker,
stark valley, ‘n’ bright flaming cliffs –
forgot t’bring th’water

hot sun, road t’short creek
good relations, all eighteen
‘f his brothers ‘n’ sisters

off th’train at logan
joys ‘f th’lush and verdant valley
after hours ‘f dust ‘n’ salt

using map to roll
one, seed falls out north salt lake
in hot sand - wasted

hope rests on promise -
summer back on mountain land
across the jordan

bank clerk's perfect world
threatened by august rattler
outside orderville

outside orderville,
love ‘f th’sun-bathed desert’s tempered,
rattler’s bit th’puppy

new t’salt lake ‘n’ confused –
th’first quorum of th’seventy
on th’august night’s news

harvest moon, nephi
exit's silence - a small town's
feelings, unrevealed

paradise valley
th’weather, he says, ‘bout perfect,
th’apples, sweet ‘n’ sharp


first coca-cola –
brigham young senior’s lament,
just one year t’partake


fall, state ‘n’ north temple
th’gayest bake sale ever, held
t’bring up th’issue ‘f cakes

husbands’ve gone hunting
th’ladies, all dressed up, ‘n’ bound for
th’city creek center

zion painted red,
autumn colors mixed and changed
on desert canvas


‘cross th’plains ‘n th’motor home –
ready t’bust out ‘f her marriage,
‘n salt lake, halloween (1-18)

painted cliffs ‘f zion
th’world’s ablaze in color ‘n’ joy,
he’s feeling th’first frost

hiked down through salt lake
banff t’mexico, hurrying,
leaves changing b’hind him

red rock cliffs, fall sky -
eight wives, forty six children,
short creek family

frost on zion's rock
window - camper's worst nightmare,
l.a. cop's doughnut

train across th’salt flats,
extra blankets, thermos ‘f tea –
speed’s not an issue

at sawtooth campsite
poke fire with orion,
million stars witness

bar near hurricane
each mormon’s got twelve, says th’kid,
no point ‘n that mistl’toe

motor home, salt lake
evening rush hour - how she dreads
th'desert in winter

icy glaze, salt lake -
hiker wants to know why they've got
those names in th'mountain

east across salt flats,
some frozen town, stopped f'r coffee,
couldn't find any

saint george guy's complaint:
new year goes on forever,
all th' women taken

mem'ries of topaz,
red cliffs - wartime pains undulled
even at new year

to th’red cliffs ‘f topaz,
to th’new year, and to th’nisei –
jailed f’r what we looked like

at th’red cliffs ‘f topaz,
saki ‘n’ champagne – can’t bear it
when one year’s like th’next

back at th’cliffs ‘f topaz
new year’s toast t’ th’day folks can trust
in spite of one’s race

wolf moon, wasatch range –
tales ‘f th’vault where they store all th’names,
‘n’ th’reasons they’d do it

wolf moon ‘t bountiful
halfway t’mexico they’ll stop,
‘n’ try t’find some coffee

plays th’bars ‘round salt lake
get lots ‘f bus’ness all winter,
t’drown out th’background noise

sundance filmmaker,
mormon store clerk, small dispute –
no coffee t’be found

sundance filmmaker
th’way they said there’s no coffee
soured him on th’whole state


big cottonwood drifts –
get t’ th’bottom ‘f th’hill, ‘n’ they’re gone –
‘n’ winter’s gone with them

cactus’s flowering
framed by zion’s pinkish cliffs,
known t’mold th’character

a sip of mad dog -
bottle waits in flowers of
brigham young's garden

mad dog,’n’ th’wrong kind ‘f drugs –
th’local lad’s passed out ‘n th’flowers
‘f brigham young’s garden

‘nother sip ‘f mad dog –
one’s lost, th’other knows ‘xactly
brigham young’s garden

th’mountains near provo
watch th’kids frantic t’graduate,
and, th’mid-morning nap

top ‘f big cottonwood,
fifteen feet ‘f snow – at th’bottom,
it’s springtime for sure

finals time ‘n provo
th’grounds crew, so busy with th’flow’rs,
on th’bench, th’senior naps

night train, wendover,
june chill, miles ‘f salt flats – sudd’nly,
rider on th’westbound

wendover-bound train,
freezing ‘n june, no signs ‘f life – ‘cept
th’rider on th’westbound

westbound through th’salt flats,
only th’blanket ‘n th'june desert chill –
‘n’ this guy’s on th’flat car

orderville rattler –
warned th’young mormon ‘n’ his prom date
t’stay away from th’nest

field ‘f sego lilies
legends ‘f th’early settlers, sure
they’d found th’promised land

liked th’sego lilies
‘f th’wide ‘n’ fertile jordan valley,
sign of th’promised land

e pluribus haiku


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