Wednesday, January 03, 2007


ant'bellum houses,
the windsor - 'round the corner,
some guys, in the shade

americus roads'
tar sticks - he finishes beer,
throws can out window

used to play for free,
all atlanta'd go t'the park -
brothers in summer

okra and cornmeal,
and where'd you get that cook'n oil?
when in rome, she says

train that came through here, he says,

first i ever jumped

trapped by macon heat,
his ears ring'n with the blues, he
begins t'understand

years ago, th'underground's

bricks, the heart of atlanta -

now, respite from th'heat

drunken bulldog fans
define sportsmanship 'xactly
in streets of athens

th'hunter spits - even the deer

look hungry this year

hangs wreath, tells story
store bombing uptown, protesting

came back through hartsfield

for th'hol'days - what he missed most,

plain grits with butter

clos'n macon diner,
clock slows n'stops at holidays -
'y'all take your time,  now'

southbound van stranded -
new year toast, byron folk ne'er
heard of quebecois

y'all git back up on
se'nty five north, cold or not,
don't come back, ya hear?

freight train, georgia hills,
red wine, thick loaf, pepper cheese -
peepers call from night

driver loves peachtree,

its blossoms, modern buildings -

hiker just wants out

springer mountain flow'rs
bloom with pollen and promise
shoes oiled and ready

georgia blue ridge sun
wakens forest animals,
showers touch young blooms

leaving from springer -
fragrance of rhododendron,
hopes of reaching maine

night train from hartsfield -
scraped elbow in fragrant bush,
ways west of downtown

road from vidalia

sweet onions, and love that’d be
trouble forever

not that long ago, y’all’d  be
going t’diff’rent ones

bad coffee, ‘n’ th’yankee’s rebuke –

best be on y’all’s way

gone but not f'rgotten -

d'catur girl shows her back yard's



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