Friday, July 22, 2005



erie driftwood beach
pebbles, sand under bare feet
nuke plant fades from view

t'ledo streets were once
covered with elms - all summer,
they held our secrets

hit ev'ry yard sale
in holmes county - we english
have t'go to walmart

a ways down straight street,
some weeds out there, but you’ll find
th’cincinnati yards

t'ledo zoo panda
fresh bamboo flown in daily
held up in detroit

turnpike rest stop dawn -
rock star spotted near bathroom;
august's lively beat

sea of red 'n' silver,
pitcher spilled on hiker's pack -
must've beat michigan

athens professor
lost pretense of refinement
too drunk for turkey

black shiny carriage,
wooden wheel on cracking ice -
holmes county backroad

hoarse, thirsty blades fans
celebrating new year win -
champagne on lake floes

maine t'california,
roadsigns blurry, roads icy
'round ashtabula

in akron th'road forks -
through icy falls to th'north,
or straight east t'new york

outside toledo
frozen slush falling from truck
makes glazed road deadly

cleveland bus station,

offered hard drugs t'beat th'cold - wait!
I was born 'n this town!

from catawba shores
truck tires cracking snow on ice -
some will sink in spring

"th'ice 'n th'middle'll hold you,"

he says, driving from c'tawba,

"'s when it pulls from th'shore"

blizzard hides white lines
truck lights dance t'ward troy exit
no such thing as brakes

elmyra trucker –

nine gears, ice ‘n’ gravel, slope,
wouldn’t pass him by

near cincinnati,
truck jackknifed in icy lot,
driver calls and quits

“rock’s th’savior ‘f th’common

man” – she gives th’hall’s tickets

t’one of cleveland’s own


fine ear f’r music, th’sharp insult
for th’cities on th’tour

good fishin' in may -
old man can tell you when that
river caught on fire

serpent mound story -
body lines up with solstice,
happens to be now

serpent mound solstice -
they tracked the sun precisely,
and then they vanished



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