Friday, July 01, 2005



teton ranger's bunk-
rolled up sweaters as pillow,
deep woods out window

saratoga's springs
warm, soften trav'ler's bones, then
straight into the platte

at jackson post box,
sunburned wrangler tips his hat
to jewelled vixen

saratoga springs -
steam, sweat, summer of sadness
wash down platte river

so reliable,
ebb n'flow of tourists, geyser -
barefoot on cool earth

cody bank teller
no use for sunshine, summer,
foreign currency

yellowstone bear's plan -

huddled campers locked in van,

milk 'n' cookies for th'cubs

beaver eats willow,
unimpressed by mountain peaks -
teton wilderness

hugg'n' th'riverbottoms,
cottonwood shade curves along -
wyoming pallette

fire flickers and dies,
wolf decries frost - darkness reigns
over druid peak

in medicine bow,
old hiker with memories -
halloweens long gone

saints day in bar nunn
mighty friendly to strangers,
with west wind howling

camping in shoshone,
watched by wolf on ridge - beyond,
impending blizzard

east out of casper
looking for gambling payout,
ice sent them to grave

yellowstone snowshoe
hiker - frozen beard, keen eye
for canus lupus

green river rock springs
large green sign dominates
hibernating plains

thermopolis' ice
power lines coated and glazed
wheels spinning beneath

from warmth of squad car,
says hitching in wyoming's
its own punishment (*)

table rock exit –
th’off’cer’s request for i.d.
breaks up th’frigid morn

she knows ev’ry inch
‘f th’red desert – not inclined t’let
someone freeze in it

u-turn in wamsutter
her warm eyes, 'n' this frigid plain
could be someone’s home

near lar'mie, dawn breaks

'n field 'f red wildflowers - she calls them

indian paintbrushes

easter hats - back in

laramie, they pose, barefoot,

by th'cowboy statue


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